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Default Pinball Slogans

Just a few slogans used on pinball flyers for advertising the game. Any missing feel free to add them. Will update with additions on a timely basis.

Pinball Slogans
Alvin G. & Co:
Al's Garage Band Goes on a World Tour:
"Plug it in. Crank It Up!"
"Rad Action Features for Rockin' Fun!"
A.G. Soccer-Ball:
"For years, everybody has asked for Something Different!" (Zima?)
Mystery Castle:
"Alvin G. & Co Invites you to attend a Scavenger Hunt at the...
Mystery Castle. Good luck, you'll need it!"
Pistol Poker:
"Hey partner, there's a new player in town. You don't know his
name... but you know his game!"
"Hey partner, have pinball earnings been leaving you flat? Alvin
G. takes pinball to the next level!"
"The deal you've been waiting for!"
U.S.A. Football:
"Introducing the NEW Superstar in Coin Collection!"
"A New Legend from Atari!"
"The largest, most dramatic flipper game ever."
"18 square feet of excitement for 1 to 4 players."
"Enormous attraction and earning power collects coins and crowds."
Addams Family, The:
"A Pinball Experience for the Whole Family!"
"Now there's some 'Thing' Special in Pinball!!"
"Discover the Wealth of Atlantis!"
"Oceans of Profits Waiting to be Found."
Attack from Mars:
"An Unstoppable Earnings Invasion!"
"Mayhem, Madness and Destruction Were Never so Much Fun!"
"The Attack is on...get it or get left behind."
Black Belt (1986):
"Go for your BLACK BELT today!"
Black Rose:
"This Game is LOADED!"
Blackwater 100:
"Mud, sweat and tears!"
"Bally puts you out in front with... BLACKWATER 100"
"Don't get left behind!"
"Add BLACKWATER 100 to your collection and watch your
earnings accelerate!"
"The non-stop action makes BLACKWATER 100 a high-intensity game
from start to finish."
Bugs Bunny's Birthday Ball:
"This is it! Hare-Raising Pinball!"
"What's Up Doc? Operator Profits"
"One Great American Legend Deserves Another."
"There's a new breed of dream machine loose on the streets. CORVETTE
from Bally."
"CORVETTE is a tour de force for pinball and Corvette fans alike."
"Test drive it at the showroom nearest you. But be prepared. You
don't take this CORVETTE for a spin. It takes you."
"With this dream machine, there's no limit to the fun."
"A pinball worthy of the name CORVETTE"
Creature From the Black Lagoon:
"Claws for Applause"
"Reel Excitement! Real Profits!"
Doctor Who:
"It's About Time"
"The Doctor Is In..."
Dr. Dude:
"Get Hip! Earn Respect! Be the Envy of your Friends!"
"Scoring Punch for Profit Power!"
"...with operator earnings that are just what the doctor ordered!"
Elvira and the Party Monsters:
"Monstrous Pinball"
"You're Gonna Have a Ball!"
"Sounds that Go Bump in the Night!"
"Elvira is No Cheap Date!" (referring to the new .50/.75/1.00 pricing
"When They Named a Game After Me, It Had to be Built!"
Escape from the Lost World:
"In a World that Time Forgot..."
"Where Dinosaurs Still Roam the Earth..."
"Where Volcanos Spew Hot Molten Lava and it Seems there's No Way Out..."
"A Lightning Storm of Scoring Action and Profit Power..."
Game Show:
"Where Everyone's a Winner!"
Gilligan's Island:
"Gilligan's Back!"
"Charts New Course to Profitable Paradise"
"More Points than Rescue Attempts" ("Points" means features of the game)
Grand Slam (1983):
"Whether you're a rookie or a pinball pro, all the major league
excitement of baseball comes alive in GRAND SLAM!"
Indianapolis 500:
"Operators... Start your Engines!"
"We Built this One to Move Fast!"
Harley Davidson:
"Born to be Wild"
"Live to Ride...Ride to Live" (standard Harley Davidson slogan)
"Kickstart a Legend"
"Rev up for Long-Term Profits"
Judge Dredd:
"You be the JUDGE!"
"Pinball Profits Dredd Ahead!"
"Judge Dredd: Pinball with an Attitude!"
Little Joe (1972):
"Baby needs a new mink coat? Get LITTLE JOE busy today!"
Mousin' Around:
"So You Wanna Mouse Around?"
"Grab Profits by the Tail!"
Mystic (1980):
"A feat of unequalled unparalleled pinball performance"
"Profits appear before your very eyes!"
Party Zone:
"You are now entering: The Party Zone"
"Big Bang. Big Bucks"
Pool Sharks:
"Chalk this one up to experience!"
"(Pool Sharks) means profits in the pocket!"
"Lets the players call the shots."
"Tempt players with a choice of 8 or 9 ball and catch 'em hook, line
and sinker with real pool hall challenges!"
"Here's your big break!"
"In a sea of pinball games, there's only one with an initial break shot!
Players bite at the chance to get three balls in the pocket within the
first few moments of play!"
"Playing with the Big Fish is serious business!"
"...players can sink their teeth into a juicy jackpot worth millions!"
"It's Sink or Swim when players come face to face with Hammerhead!"
Popeye Saves the Earth:
"I yam armed and ready to save the planek!"
"A magnifisink new pinball from Bally"
"A First Class Passage to Profits"
"It's rockin', it's rollin', it's RADICAL!"
"Get Radical! and Flip over the Profits!"
"Ramped up for Profits!"
"Safecracker...The Winning Combination."
"The Age of Change"
Scared Stiff:
"So fun, It's Scary!"
"Elvira, the sexiest vamp this side of Transylvania, will scare
the quarters out of players everywhere!"
"Elvira has the features that turn players on."
"Players shoot against time to complete the Stiff-O-Meter which
climaxes in an intense multi-ball."
Shadow, The:
"Where the Shadow falls, earnings rise."
"No One Can Resist the Power of The Shadow"
"The Shadow has the power to cloud men's minds. But The Shadow pinball
has the power to seize players' imaginations!"
Theatre of Magic:
"There More...than Meets the Eye"
"It's Gt that Magic Touch"
"Stupendous displays of spellbinding power!"
"Amazing acts of enchantment!"
"It can even make money appear out of thin air."
"Journey into a Pinall Galaxy light-years ahead of the Competition..."
"Bally Games proudly launches TRANSPORTER The Rescue. An odyssey of
intense pinball excitement and revolutionary technical excellence
making for the best investment in the galaxy!"
"The future of pinball has landed"
"TRANSPORTER brings you the very best entertainment value!"
"Bally Games ... The Future is Now!"
Truck Stop:
"Fuel up your Profits"
"Making money for you in the short run and over the long haul."
"Players will stay geared up when they eperience TRUCK STOP..."
"Only Bally's TRUCK STOP offers player sthe non-stop, fast-paced
excitement of a cross-country Multi-Ball Challenge."
"Keep on trucking with the *new* Bally as TRUCK STOP fuels pinball
profits from L.A. to N.Y. and around the world!"
Twilight Zone (1993):
"You have just crossed over... into the Twilight Zone"
"Enter Into a New Age of Pinball"
"The Profit Zone." (with PlayMeter and Replay ratings)
"Twilight Zone includes more features with patents pending than
any other game in history!"
"Take your profits into a new dimension."
WHO dunnit:
"WHO dunnit answers earning mystery"
"WHO dunnit is the Answer"
"Your Key to Finding Pinball Profits"
"Operator Makes a Killing at Casino"
"Everyone's Dying to know WHO dunnit."
"Who Profits Most? You will when you know WHO dunnit."
"It's no mystery--WHO dunnit is destined to be a pinball
success story"
"Discover WHO dunnit and you'll make a killing at the casino."
"Expert or Novice? That's the question all operators want to
World Cup Soccer:
"It's the biggest game in the world."
"It Kicks!"
"Players can activate the Magna-Goal Save to prevent balls from
draining -- and the offense from scoring."
"Bally brings you the world with World Cup Soccer."
"World Cup Soccer will stand out from the crowd, as well as draw one."
"Get in on this summer's biggest game. Get World Cup Soccer pinball."
"Pilot, You're Cleared for Takeoff!!"
"Now *That's* Pinball!"
"Now *This* is Pinball!"
(sorry, these two were the closest I could get to a slogan)
Pinball Magic:
A one-sided flyer with no slogans. None at all. Maybe they just
didn't have the funding. Oh well, better luck next time.
Chicago Coin:
Olympics (1975):
"Its exciting features make it a champion flipper game."
"Put a winner on your site with Olympics. New from Chicago Coin."
Data East:
"Wait 'Til They Get a Load of Me!"
"Insane Collections"
Guns N' Roses:
"This Pinball's got ATTITUDE!"
"Guns N' Roses leaps off the stage and into your location with non-stop,
head-banging, hard-rock, in-your-face, screaming pinball action!"
"Guns N' Roses + Data East Pinball = PLATINUM PROFIT!!"
"During Riot play, all switches award platinum points!"
"Revenues that will Shiver Your Timbers"
"A Treasure Chest O'Collections"
Jurassic Park:
"A Pinball Adventure 65 Million Years in the Making..."
"If it's not Jurassic Park, it's Extinct!"
"Jurassic Park...the movie event of the summer, the pinball event
of the year!"
Last Action Hero:
"Did Somebody Say Action?"
Lethal Weapon 3:
"The Magic is Back Again"
"Ante Up!"
"Out of the Wild West comes a pinball machine folks are already
calling a classic!"
"Maverick pinball brings you a winning streak sure to put some
giddy-up in your pinball collections!"
Phantom of the Opera, The:
"Classic Thriller Unveiled!"
Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends, The Adventures of:
"And Now, Here's Something You'll Really Like!"
"Presto! Change-O! Pinball!"
"Moose Up Your Collections at Locations Nationwide"
Star Trek:
"Transport Record Collections"
"Take Your Collections to Warp Speed"
Star Wars:
"A Long Time Ago...In a Galaxy Far, Far Away" (you saw it coming)
"May the Force be With You!"
Tales from the Crypt:
"Frightfully Fun!"
"Don't be FRIGHTENED by this game's unnatural appeal!"
"Order your Tales from the Crypt and start enjoying goulishly great
earnings today!"
Time Machine:
"Starwarp to a new dimension..."
"Relive the golden age of pinball again with chimes and a special
clicker noise unit that's sure to keep you going back in time!"
Tommy, The Who's:
"See it, feel it, touch it, play it, BUY IT!"
"Tommy, a name that means pinball."
World Wrestling Federation (WWF) Royal Rumble:
"et's get ready to rumble!"
"WWF Royal Rumble is sure to beat the competition and be the
heavyweight champ!"
"(Various features) all combine to make WWFRR the main event
for street and arcade championship collections."
"We needed more space to contain this cage match of pinball
mayhem" (about the mid-size playfield)
Barb Wire:
"Pinball With Attitude"
"Don't Call Me Babe..."
"Go Haywire In This New Pinball From Gottlieb."
Cactus JACK'S:
"You Ready for a Good Old Time?--Welcome to Catctus JACK'S"
"Yee-Hah! Let's Party!!!"
"Let's Have a Boot-Stompin' Good Time!"
Class of 1812:
"Frightful Fun for All Ages!"
Cue Ball Wizard:
"Gottlieb Presents CUE BALL WIZARD!" (yup, that's all there is)
"Excalibur...The Sword of Honor The Game of Fury!"
Frank Thomas' Big Hurt:
"Pure Powerhouse Pinball"
"Knock one out of the park as the ramps boost your line drive into
the upper deck"
Freddy--A Nightmare on Elm Street:
None, nothing, nada, zip, zilch, zero. Pretty pathetic huh?
not even a "Scaring up profits" or "A Nightmare for the
competition" slogan. Bleah.
"Gladiators: Gottlieb's Fun-Filled, Futuristic, Fantasy Game"
HOOPS (1991):
"Slam Dunk the Competition!"
"Score Big with Gottlieb's HOOPS!"
"FLY HIGH with Gottliebs HOOPS!"
Mario Andretti:
"Turbo-Charged Pinball Play"
"Leading the Pack in Pinball Racing."
"See You At The Finish Line..."
Operation Thunder:
"TOP SECRET: Gottlieb's NEW _Smart Switch_(TM) are the Operators
Secret Weapon to Annihilate old Mechanical Switch Problems."
(Sorry, that's all there was that was even remotely interesting)
Rescue 911:
"The game that's built for life."
"Real-Life rescue adventures in a game that values real life."
Shaq Attaq:
"A Real Slam Dunk"
"Bold basketball adventure in this shattering new pinball machine--
Shaq Attaq capture the magic of the sport."
Spirit (1982):
"Charge up the atmosphere in your arcade or game room with this
electrifying entertainment package...SPIRIT."
"Transport yourself to another dimension"
Street Fighter II:
"We Challenge you to Fight on Our Playfield!"
"No Location is Complete WITH-OUT this Pair!" (SFII Vid & SFII Pin)
Super Mario Bros:
"The Hit Video Game Comes to Pinball!!!"
"Mario Mania Comes to Pinball!!!"
"Take the Plunge!!"
Tee'd Off:
"Guys, Gals and Gophers Alike Love to Par-Tee on Tee'd Off in BOTH
Street AND Arcade Locations"
"Dive into the World of Pinball!"
"Captures the Thrills, Chills and Spills of Skiing in Pinball"
World Challenge Soccer:
"The Sport of the Year becomes the Game of the Decade"
"The International Appeal of Soccer is brought to the most familiar
Playfield in the World"
"In the Field of Games, Gottlieb scores a Winner with World Challenge
Apollo 13:
"Earnings... We're Go!"
"Quality Control... Go Flight!"
"Reliability... We Are Go!"
"Launch Control, this is Sega Pinball... Apollo 13 is Go For Launch!"
"'Apollo 13 the Pinball' is on the Launch Pad with All Systems Go!"
"Don't Miss Your Chance to Join Us on this Mission!"
"The First Game in the Universe with 13 Ball Multiball!"
"I Believe this will be Our Finest Hour."
"Sega Pinball, the Revolution Has Begun"
Batman Forever:
"Excitement now...Earnings Always..."
"Let's start this party with a bang!"
"What PINBALL will attract players FOREVER?"
"Display effects so stunning, you'll swear they were
done on the Bat-Computer!"
"We've got something that's gonna make some waves... Baywatch"
"A machine that's gonna resuscitate your pinball collections!"
"Bigger than the Rest!" (caption for their larger DMD, displaying
a picture of Pamela Anderson)
"Baywatch! It's Summer year round when this pinball's in town!"
Frankenstien, Mary Shelley's:
"Sega Pinball creates a monster hit!"
"Collections so good, they'll bury the competition."
"Everyone knows the story of the Doctor that created a monster ... the
monster forced the Doctor to create a suitable mate ... for the first
time, the rest of the story can be told: It seems the Monster grew
weary of his mate and made the Doctor return to his laboratory to
create something that would keep him entertained ... Sega Pinball is
proud to present his latest creation... Mary Shelley's Frankenstien,
the Pinball!"
"Sega Pinball's got a New Game Worth it's Weight in Gold"
"It's Pinball Like you've Never Played it Before..."
"...a sure fire hit in any location!"
"Be warned, after playing this game you may develop an uncanny
desire for a Brioni tuxedo and a martini...shaken, not stirred."
Independence Day:
"No Warning! No Negotiation! No Competition!"
"A pinball invasion is about to occur."
"ID4 Independence Day...Don't make plans for New Year's"
Space Jam:
"Slammin' Jammin' Action!!"
"Pinball so powerful that, like a tornado, it can't be ignored."
"It's got the competition running for the cellar."
Bad Cats:
"Pinball Pur-Fection"
"When we're good, we're very good. But when we're bad, we're
even better!"
"Reigning Cats and Dogs!"
"The cats are on the prowl with an easy access center ramp"
Banzai Run:
"We're changing the way the world looks at pinball."
"Introducing: Banzai Run. The pinball machine with one continuous
playfield on two different planes!"
"Once again, Williams takes you were no one else has ever gone before!"
Big Guns:
"Feel the Power!" (not a mistake)
Black Knight 2000:
"He Rides Again"
Blue Chip (1976):
"Buy 'BLUE CHIP' - a gilt-edged winner"
"COMET ... not just a fantastic new pin ... not just all the fun of
an amusement part ... but a chance to make a million!"
"Everyone wants to make a million ... COMET makes it possible!"
"COMET, the ultimate amusement park of the mind!"
"COMET, It's 1-in-a-million!"
"Hippos, Snakes and Killer Apes. (And that's just the first ball.)"
"Uncover Valuable Collections Deep Within Congo."
"It'll blow you away!"
"From the most powerful force in the pinball universe. Feel it
and be awed!"
"Ride Cyclone ... for a streak of good luck!"
Demolition Man:
"The Pinball that will Blow You Away!"
"It's sure to arrive with a Bang!"
"One pinball you definitely want on your side."
"Serving up the finest earnings!"
"It's fresh! It's fast! It's hot!"
"This Game's Really Cookin'!"
"Get It While It's Hot!"
"The Rush Is On"
"A Full Menu of Features!"
Dipsy Doodle (1971):
"Doodle Your Way to Higher Earnings!"
Dirty Harry:
"A Direct Hit!"
"Set your sights on a winner!"
"'Do you feel lucky'? You should. Because DIRTY HARRY just arrived
on the scene. He's packing his famous .44 Magnum, a steely take-
charge attitude, and a long list of players' most wanted pinball
"So answer the question. 'Do you feel lucky?' You will when you
Dracula, Bram Stoker's:
"A game you can really sink your teeth into!"
"Here's a killer feature!" (Mist Multi-Ball)
"Players will be 'coffin up' quarters..."
"This will really slay the pinball pro!" (Multi Multi-Ball)
"It's a Moving Experience!"
"Williams Continues to 'Shake' up the World of Pinball"
"From the movers and shakers of the coin-op world!"
F-14 Tomcat:
"It's fast. It's furious. AND IT FIGHTS BACK!"
"You've got yourself a feature-rich game that puts pinball on another
"When you're hot, you're hot!"
"It's hot! It's smokin'! It's burnin' up the charts!"
"FIRE's coming out in a blaze of glory that's firing up play and
profits at every location!"
"This FIRE is matchless!"
Fish Tales:
"Catch 'Em All, Hook, Line and Sinker!"
"Modern stone-age family fun for all ages!"
"It's the Stone Age Rage!"
"Meet the Flintstones--The Rock-Solid New Pre-Historic pinball from
"Just Yabba-Dabba-Doo It!"
"Get the Flintstones: A game right out of history."
"If you're looking for a rock-solid pinball investment, take a look
at the Flintstones. It's Pinball with a Boulder approach."
"The Game is watching you!"
Grand Lizard:
"It's a jungle out there"
High Speed:
"Everything else is left behind!"
High Speed 2:The Getaway
"Shift into High Gear!"
"Is Blowing into Town!"
"Hang on to your hat... with rides and games and a whole playfield of
carnival attractions, Williams really takes you on a wild ride!"
Indiana Jones:
"The Adventure Continues..."
"It's Within Everyone's Reach" (image of the hand of Pin*Bot, reaching
for the hand of his Bride, with a Jack*Bot pin in the middle)
"A Sure Bet!"
"Place the odds in your favor with Jack*Bot..."
"This game is designed to launch your collections out of this world."
"So put your money on Jack*Bot--it's bound to pay off big."
Johnny Mnemonic:
"The Ultimate Mindgame"
"Gigabytes / Gigabucks"
"Get Johnny Mnemonic and You'll be in the Mnemoney."
"Now the deck is stacked in your favor with classic card game fun."
"Deal yourself in to a real winner!"
The Machine: Bride of Pin*Bot:
"Here Comes the Bride!"
"Watch Her Turn Heads!"
"You can bank on it!"
"Millionaire ... It's a real money machine!"
No Fear: Dangerous Sports:
"Plenty of...Ai, Water, Dirt, Asphalt, Snow...but NO FEAR"
"NO FEAR: DANGEROUS SPORTS is extreme pinball"
"3rd Ball, down by a BILLION, Extra Ball is lit--NO FEAR" (this quote
actually comes from a plastic, but I thought it was cool anyway!)
"All this...made humanly possible by Williams"
"The ultimate machine."
Police Force:
"The World's Most Wanted Pinball!"
Riverboat Gambler:
"A Sure Bet Winner!"
"Don't Miss the Boat!"
"Come on Board for Profits!"
Road Kings:
"Burnin' up the charts!"
Road Show, Red & Ted's:
"It's a big country... Someone's got to tear it up!"
"When it comes to wreckin' road, two heads are better than one."
"Hit the road with RED AND TED'S ROADSHOW"
"Let the Good Times Roll!"
"Stay on Track with another Williams Winner!"
"Another original from the Wizards at Williams."
"Let the Sorcerer work a little magic for you"
Space Shuttle:
"The profit launcher for all locations!"
"Williams' SPACE SHUTTLE is winning the space race...the race for
premium space in arcades, game rooms and locations everywhere!"
"The fastest way to make your earnings really take off!"
Space Station:
"A rendezvous with Pinball Destiny"
Star Trek:The Next Generation:
"Galaxy Class Pinball from Williams"
"It's Pinball at Warp Factor 9"
Swords of Fury:
"Unleash the Fury!"
"On the Cutting Edge of pinball design for a sharper profit picture!"
Tales of the Arabian Nights:
"Your Wish is Granted."
"The one Taxi Lola, Gorbie, Santa, Drac...and operators everywhere
are hailing!"
"Only TAXI has its meter running...collecting fare after fare after
fare at locations everywhere!"
"Williams' quality, dependability and proven play appeal make TAXI
*the* pinball joyride of a lifetime!"
"Get ready for the Taxi everyone's going to be lining up for!"
"TAXI...Have it make a stop at your location and see just how
well it FARES!"
Terminator 2: Judgment Day:
"The Year's Blockbuster Attraction!!"
"Take Aim for Explosive Earnings!!"
"Feel the Power of the Wind!"
"Added Attractions that Blow the Competition Away!"
"Go with the Flow"
"White Water is a ball is a ball is a ball..."
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No interest or Additions to the list above? Guess I'll have to do some digging and come up with a few.

Just a few slogans used on pinball flyers for advertising the game. Any missing feel free to add them. Will update with additions on a timely basis.
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