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Default Build 1.1

fpxEngine has gone through a very radical change. I have rethought the entire concept of template engines, and come up with a way that is totally different than anything else. I will be updating as I go along, but there are so many changes that a lot of things are disabled or still need to be written, so I will release a preview down the road once the Engine is more complete.

Build 1.1 is being worked on. Here's what is done so far

NOTE: THIS is still being worked on.
- fpxEngine is now so simple even a person with no coding experience can use it (scriptwise that is)
- fpxEngine has been completely restructured and rewritten. It is now the easiest template engine to use since Pinball Construction Kit
- fpxEngine now has a manual, that describes a lot more than you would think
- Preset section added. all accessed with one line of code to multiple scoring routines. Just point and shoot
- Bug fixes etc
- Light Attract routine expanded, now displays high score list, table name. This is now fully automated, so no need to add light bulb interval/on/off code
- BAM support added with a simple system for the user to select among multiple xml physics files and a up to 10 different flipper bounce settings.
- Select-able Debug mode (press f9 key in editor) now shows general table info including physics package or engine debug information
- New Display and Light Seq routines added
- New Control routine added, which adds multiple soundset support, with the ability to customize all displays/lightSeq/music per soundset.
- Users should be able to play any soundset/company style with any fpx table
- All display and lightseq code is also usable in code as well (e.g. AddDisplay "BlinkMessageFast":AddLightFX "BlinkFast")
- HUD displays expanded from 2 to 4 displays, to match the backglass displays. This is for possible future support of williams/bally system11 and Data East tables
- all music/sound code has been (or will be by the time the next build is released) moved to the main control routine (AddMusicSet) so we can have multiple styles without the user having to do anything.
- There are about 15 display routines now coded, with 6 new routines added. (More will come)
- AddEvent has been stripped of any code completely. Now it is just for typing in messages for the display to use, and your custom code hooks like what to do with a new ball etc.

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Next project: fpxEngine.
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