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The latest update for my website has been done.
I've added a full set of score inserts to Bally Freedom and added a few German cards too.
I got a request for Gottlieb Classy Bowler and Diamond Lill.
Gottlieb Hi Dolly has been corrected and Flipper Fair added to the already long list.
Carny_Priest was kind enough to point me to the pdf file for The Big Lebowski, which has been added to the Various section.
He also send me his latest work, The Munsters and NFL card files.
The counterpart (Add-A-Ball) of Williams Magic City is Magic Town and is now also added to the Williams section.
The first Tech Chart for the Stern Electronics games (Pinball) has been added.
More Stern Electronics Tech Charts will follow over time.
That's all for now.
Please take a look at the listing below to see all the changes I've made.

Enjoy and have fun,
If you like my work, please send me a donation via PayPal.

29 september 2019 changes
New made or updated card files:
Bally Freedom EM (58 ) cards added to zip file
Bally Freedom SS (64) cards added to zip file
Chicago Coin Mini Baseball zip file added
Dutch Pinball The Big Lebowski pdf file added to various section
Gottlieb A-6234 label zip file added
Gottlieb Classy Bowler zip file added
Gottlieb Diamond Lill zip file added
Gottlieb Flipper Fair cards zip file added
Gottlieb Hi Dolly zip file corrected
Pinball 2000 16-9072 High Voltage label zip file added
Pinball 2000 UL 2P22 label zip file added
Stern Cue zip file added
Stern Harley Davidson Promo card pdf file added (special thanks to Carny Priest)
Stern NFL pdf file updated (special thanks to Carny Priest)
Stern Pinball Tech Chart pdf file added
Stern The Munsters card file added (special thanks to Carny Priest)
United RIO zip file added
Williams Kings zip file added
Williams Magic Town zip file added
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