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My website has been updated.
I've added a few adjustments cards to Bally Captain Fantastic, as well as the relay strips.
Along with the Captain Fantastic came a transformer E-122-123/E-122-124 card, which is also added as a seperate file.
Gottieb Gemini card set has beed added along with a full set of score cards.
The Pinball 2000 labels I've made can be found in the Williams section.
One odd game has been added to the Various section, is the Tecnoplay Scramble.
I've done my best for the very old Williams games Bonanza, Dew-Wa-Ditty, Flamingo, Ginger, St. Louis, Suspense, Tennessee, Yanks.
Most games are from the mid 1940's to the 50's.

I hope you all enjoy these games,

31 may 2019 changes
New made or updated card files:
Bally Balls-A-Poppin card added to zip file
Bally Captain Fantastic cards and labels added to zip file
Bally Transformer -18 card zip file added
Gottlieb Charlie's Angels zip file corrected
Gottlieb Gemini zip file added
Gottlieb Score card listing updated
JJP Pirates of the Caribbean pricing cards file added
Pinball 2000 Close-Open label zip file added
Pinball 2000 Wells-Gardner label zip file added
Tecnoplay Scramble zip file added
Transformer Midwestco label added
Williams Bonanza zip file corrected
Williams Dew-Wa-Ditty zip file added
Williams Flamingo zip file added
Williams Ginger zip file added
Williams Post Time zip file corrected
Williams Powerbox fuse label zip file added
Williams St. Louis zip file added
Williams Suspence zip file added
Williams Tennessee zip file added
Williams WPC Fuse card 16-9182-2 added to zip file
Williams Yanks zip file added
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