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Latest Files
Strange Magic
Ever After High (2.0)
Pinky and the Brain (Special Edition 1.5),
Ben Ten (1.5)
Toy Story (1.5)
Bugs bunny (1.5)
Space Ship - Williams 1961 - VP9
Space Ship - Williams 1961 - VP8
Rocket Ship - Gottlieb 1958 - VP9
Rocket Ship - Gottlieb 1958 - VP8
Shooting Star Jr., 1934 by Daval for VPX
Top Card (Gottlieb) Vp 9.21
New Century, 1933 by Genco for VPX
Bally Beauty, 1952 by Bally Version 1.1 for VPX
Bright Lights, 1951 by Bally Version 1.3 for VPX
Frolics, 1952 by Bally for VPX
Broadway 51, 1951 by Bally Version 1.5 for VPX
Bonanza, 1935 by Exhibit Supply Co. for VPX
Rollet, 1931 by The Barok Co. for VPX
table starter
Mexican Baseball, 1947 by Daval ALT. 2 for VPX
Best Hand, 1947 by Daval for VPX
Cloverleaf, 1932 by Gottlieb Version 1.4 for VPX
Mexican Baseball , 1947 by Daval - VER. 1.6 for VP
Skiill Cards, 1952 by Giepen for VPX
shivaEngine 1.8
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Most Popular Files
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Arcade - Video Games 38
Bagatelle 92
Bingos 19
Commercial Coin-Op 64
Counter Top Games 26
Originals 55
Pachinko - Slots 34
Sports Themes 49

Download File Date Downloads Comments
Downloads  Bally Beauty, 1952 by Bally Version 1.1 for VPX : Completely updated to run in VPX. So much had to be done here; redrew the backglass, removed over 40 decals from the playfield, fixed the plunger and plunger lane, added lighting to the playfield and much, much more. Have fun!!! (5.15 MB) 11-20-2019 56 1
Downloads  Bank-A-Ball, 1932 by J.F. Linck Corp. for VPX : A completely new table for VPX. VERY interesting playfield and play style. Quite a fun diversion from way back. Created using GIMP 2.10. Enjoy! (2.33 MB) 08-20-2019 32 0
Downloads  Bat-Em, 1932 by In & Outdoor Games Co. for VPX : A fresh and new table for VPX! A strange twist on flipperless pinballs. Have fun! (7.89 MB) 10-11-2019 36 0
Downloads  Best Hand, 1947 by Daval for VPX : A brand new, never released skill machine for VPX. A "stand up" or vertical pin skill machine by Daval, completely rescripted with new scoring. Have fun! (1.39 MB) 10-30-2019 27 0
Downloads  Bonanza, 1935 by Exhibit Supply Co. for VPX : Version 1.4 for VPX. Updated the plunger, added a few tweaks and added the VPX sounds. Enjoy. (1.21 MB) 11-14-2019 25 0
Downloads  Bouncer (C. E. Hoagland 1935) : Reecreation in VP of "Bouncer (C. E. Hoagland 1935)" made by Romolo (2.08 MB) 12-23-2018 32 0
Downloads  Bright Lights, 1951 by Bally Version 1.3 for VPX : Another Bally bingo, version 1.3 for VPX. A TON had to be updated here; plunger and lane are fixed, added lights to the play field plastics, all lights now go off once machine is tilted, had to redraw the entire backglass for lighting, over 30 decals have been removed from the play field and a bunch of "tweaks" were made to make this game play nicely in VPX. Have fun! (6.08 MB) 11-17-2019 37 0
Downloads  Broadway 51, 1951 by Bally Version 1.5 for VPX : Updated all VPX sound to the table; balls roll and smack against one another. (5.39 MB) 11-15-2019 41 0
Downloads  Cloverleaf, 1932 by Gottlieb Version 1.4 for VPX : Updated to version 1.4 for VPX for realism. Plunger is now more realistic, table slopes have now been implemented and the famous "5,000 point hole" cheat has been added. Have fun!!! (969.1 KB) 10-30-2019 29 1
Downloads  Daisy, 1932 by Peo Manufacturing Co. for VPX : Updated from 2003 to run on VPX. A TON of updates here and the FIRST VP concave table. Now includes high score saving and score / high score purging. Also added all the VPX sounds for a better gaming experience; hear the balls roll, clank against metal and smacking against one another. Have fun!!! (715.9 KB) 09-06-2019 29 3
Downloads  Frolics, 1952 by Bally for VPX : Now for VPX and looking mighty fine. UPDATES: - Fixed plunger and shooter lane. - Refixed the entire backglass and lighting. - Removed over 30 decals on the playfield. - Added lighting on the playfield. - Redrew ALL the holes on the playfield. - Fixed the tilt mechanism along with ALL LIGHTS going off when the machine tilted. - Added all VPX sounds to the game. - TO understand Frolics a bit better, READ the INCLUDED left side card from the playfield which is included as a separate image in the Frolics VPX zip file. Have tons of fun. (8.69 MB) 11-16-2019 40 2
Downloads  Gold Crown, 1932 Pierce Tool for VPX : A brand new table not released on any other version of VP. This is a VERY FUN table and requires a TON of patience. Completely redrawn. For all those desktop players out there. Enjoy and have fun. So far, this is one of my favorite tables. (3.14 MB) 08-05-2019 36 0
Downloads  Good Luck, 1932 by Genco for VPX : Version 1.1 - Completely refixed for VPX. Have fun. (1.61 MB) 09-02-2019 32 0
Downloads  Hi Lo Junior, 1932 by Northwest Coin Machine Co. f : Updated from VP9 and it plays really fine! A TON of rework went into this one to make it as smooth as possible; includes all the VPX sounds too. Have fun! (1.26 MB) 10-08-2019 35 0
Downloads  Hi-Skor, 1932 by Hi-Skor Amusement Co. for VPX : Completely redrawn by hand from an actual photograph and it plays wonderful. A new, never released table for VP. One of my personal favorites. Enjoy and have fun. (5.59 MB) 09-13-2019 28 0
Downloads  Hit Or Miss, 1935 by PAMCO for VPX : Another brand new never released table for VPX. Simple but fun. Enjoy! (1.97 MB) 10-21-2019 27 0
Downloads  Jolly Joker (Williams 1955) : Reecreation in VP of "Jolly Joker (Williams 1955)" made by Romolo (998.4 KB) 12-23-2018 47 0
Downloads  Mexican Baseball , 1947 by Daval - VER. 1.6 for VP : Updated for VPX with all VPX sounds. Hear the balls roll, smack against metal and against one another. Have fun! (1.56 MB) 10-29-2019 22 0
Downloads  Mexican Baseball, 1947 by Daval ALT. 2 for VPX : Another version of Mexican Baseball by Daval in 1947 - a different playfield with updated scripting and play. Enjoy! (1.81 MB) 10-31-2019 17 0
Downloads  Midget Hi-Ball, 1932 by Peo Manufacturing for VPX : Updated the entire playfield and removed all but one of over 30 decals using GIMP. A TON of redrawing went into this one and a complete overhaul of the workings of the game itself. Plays the same as the VP9 version did. Have fun! (1.61 MB) 08-12-2019 21 0
Downloads  New Century, 1933 by Genco for VPX : Another never released table for VP. Tons of redrawing and it came out near perfect. Not a single ball stays on the playfield, but drops below and rolls down to the corresponding point area and turns an em reel to show the points. Another of my personal favorites. Enjoy yourselves! (9.01 MB) 11-21-2019 38 0
Downloads  Play Rou-lette (National Games 1932) : Reecreation in VP of "Play Rou-lette (National Games 1932)" made by Romolo (1.46 MB) 12-23-2018 43 0
Downloads  Rollet, 1931 by The Barok Co. for VPX : Another simple, new and never released table for VPX. I wanted to keep as much of the original table imagery as possible. Enjoy! PS: ALL BALLS ARE LIVE AND MOVING AT ALL TIMES DURING GAME PLAY so make sure your system can handle this. (2.33 MB) 11-07-2019 29 0
Downloads  SCRAM!, 1932 by Hutchison Engineering Co. for VPX : Another brand new table coming to VPX. Completely redrawn from the actual image. This tabletop machine actually plays from the back to the front which means it plays BACKWARDS. Enjoy and have fun! (3.02 MB) 09-18-2019 30 1
Downloads  Scramball VPX : Keeney's Scramball from 1958 for VPX. Updated to VPX for John Patton (aka tiltjlp). (2.08 MB) 08-31-2019 28 0
Downloads  Shooting Star Jr., 1934 by Daval for VPX : Another never before released table for VPX. With four weeks of redrawing this one came out near perfect. Shoot a ball into the star, then shoot a ball in the top hole to fire the ball in the star across the playfield for bigger points. FOUR table slopes and an option to turn off the tilt mechanism. Enjoy! (2.81 MB) 12-07-2019 34 0
Downloads  Silver Streak, 1935 by Bally for VPX : A TON of updating and it looks fantastic. New labels, new wire guides, new ball, new wood edges, redrawn aircraft from the original images, updated tilt mechanism and much more. Now updated for VPX. A very fun 1 ball desktop payout machine. Enjoy and have fun. (2.89 MB) 09-09-2019 34 0
Downloads  Skiill Cards, 1952 by Giepen for VPX : Another new and never released pin machine for Visual Pinball originally drawn but never made for VP until now. Play "poker" or "21". Choose one of four table slopes. Turn the tilt mechanism on or off. The screen is filled with a lot of game play info no matter what you play. Enjoy and have fun. (2.98 MB) 10-27-2019 29 0
Downloads  Zipper Skill, 195? by Binks Industries for VPX : Ported over to VPX and plays just as nice. A nice skill machine. (969.4 KB) 10-08-2019 32 0

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