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Latest Files
Strange Magic
Ever After High (2.0)
Pinky and the Brain (Special Edition 1.5),
Ben Ten (1.5)
Toy Story (1.5)
Bugs bunny (1.5)
Space Ship - Williams 1961 - VP9
Space Ship - Williams 1961 - VP8
Rocket Ship - Gottlieb 1958 - VP9
Rocket Ship - Gottlieb 1958 - VP8
Shooting Star Jr., 1934 by Daval for VPX
Top Card (Gottlieb) Vp 9.21
New Century, 1933 by Genco for VPX
Bally Beauty, 1952 by Bally Version 1.1 for VPX
Bright Lights, 1951 by Bally Version 1.3 for VPX
Frolics, 1952 by Bally for VPX
Broadway 51, 1951 by Bally Version 1.5 for VPX
Bonanza, 1935 by Exhibit Supply Co. for VPX
Rollet, 1931 by The Barok Co. for VPX
table starter
Mexican Baseball, 1947 by Daval ALT. 2 for VPX
Best Hand, 1947 by Daval for VPX
Cloverleaf, 1932 by Gottlieb Version 1.4 for VPX
Mexican Baseball , 1947 by Daval - VER. 1.6 for VP
Skiill Cards, 1952 by Giepen for VPX
shivaEngine 1.8
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Download File Date Downloads Comments
Downloads  Bagatallion (V 1.0 FP) : Modern flipperless game which involves seiging castles and such. Have fun. (2.57 MB) 10-30-2014 144 0
Downloads  Ballyhoo : Bally 1932 - the table that started Bally, and which was named for a popular magazine of the 1930s. by Patrick & tiltjlp (942.1 KB) 10-30-2014 101 0
Downloads  Doctor Maboul : Milton Bradley Games by Patrick and tiltjlp Patrick & tiltjlp have released a FP version of a bagatelle that was ported to VP this past fall. DoctorMaboul is based on the board game Operation, and the actual bagatelle that inspired own recreation was built into a shampoo bottle that Patrick purchased while on vacation. The FP version is a near duplicate of the VP version, with the exception that sounds are not support for pegs yet in Future Pinball. When sounds are finally assignable to pegs, DoctorMaboul will be updated to include them. While this is the 2nd flipperless game in FP, it is the 1st true recreation of a bagatelle. In making DoctorMaboul, Patrick wanted to keep the file size un ... [more] (961.4 KB) 10-30-2014 111 0
Downloads  Favorite : Favorite - Beckley 1932 - By Patrick (1.55 MB) 10-30-2014 108 0
Downloads  Ghost Train : My first Flipperless table. A modern flipperless pinslot machine with full DMD display. See table info and ingame rules for instructions. Version 1.1 (9.91 MB) 10-30-2014 148 2
Downloads  Gruesome Mansion : Original table inspired by the 1965 Gruesome Mansion mini toy pinball. By Patrick (710.5 KB) 10-30-2014 119 0
Downloads  Mini Oak Bagatelle : Mini Oak Bagatelle, entirely made with wood - By Patrick (1.31 MB) 10-30-2014 97 0
Downloads  Nesting Birds : Nesting Birds 1.0 FP Flipperless Lindstrom Toy & Tool Co. 1932 - 1934 IPD link to this machine! (5.31 MB) 10-30-2014 105 0
Downloads  Original Bingo Poker : Not often that I make original tables. Table specially written for VP Originals and for Pinball Nirvana. Adding flippers to a Bingo layout doesn't really make this an easy game. Only 32 cards and you get 10 balls to make yourself a Royal Flush. Do you think you're up to the task? Good Luck! (1.59 MB) 10-30-2014 122 0
Downloads  Peg's Aplenty : by Luigi30 An original bagatelle heavily influenced by Kinsey's Knick Knack. Hosted with Luigi30s kind permission. (43.0 KB) 10-30-2014 93 0
Downloads  Stadium Soccer : score is in the lights if you win you get cheers, if you lose you get boos... watch out, the red team is pretty good, they will stuff you, you will curse... it'll take you a few before you can beat 'em, maybe even a couple of dozen, just like the real thing.......... tilting is disabled so you can cheat a bit.. suggested camera mode F3 Version 1.1 (755.9 KB) 10-30-2014 96 0
Downloads  Table Hockey : New version. Now Ballyhoo style. Thanks to Patrick for fixing the scoring. :) Beat the computer by scoring 11 goals before he does. The reaction time of the computer (flippers) can be adjusted by changing the Timer Interval on the "LeftFlipperTimer" and "RightFlipperTimer" Version 1.6 (342.7 KB) 10-30-2014 104 0
Downloads  Tit for Tat : Tit for Tat - 1935 Chicago coins - IPD 2572 - By Patrick. Perhaps an ancestor of XO. Updated to V2. (770.0 KB) 10-30-2014 90 0

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