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Bullet1Articles from Russ Jensen

Pinball Historian Russ Jensen's Articles

   Bullet6Gencos Seven Up - And The Challenge Of Playing Pre-Flipper Pinball  |  Bullet6The Year That Could Have Ended Pinball  |  Bullet6The Evolution Of The Flipper  |  Bullet6Pinball Scoring Themes  |  Bullet6The Evolution Of The Bumper  |  Bullet6Remembering Harry Williams  |  Bullet6A Visit With Harry Williams  |  Bullet6Phone Chats With Harry Williams  |  Bullet6INSIDE YOUR BINGO  |  Bullet6MY FIRST ARTICLE  |  Bullet6PINGAMES AND GAMBLING
Bullet1Pinball History Articles

A collection of Pinball History Articles, includes bagatelle, bingo, payout and coin-op machines!

   Bullet6Are Pinball Games Too Complex?  |  Bullet6Pinvangelist  |  Bullet6How Players Can Help the Pinball Business Stay Viable  |  Bullet6Historic Baseball Pool Table  |  Bullet6History Of Magic Screen Bingo Machines  |  Bullet6Ever Play A Bingo Machine?  |  Bullet6History of Coin-Ops  |  Bullet6History of Bagatelles  |  Bullet6History of Payout Machines  |  Bullet6Historic Firsts and Lasts  |  Bullet6Why It Is Not Called FlipperBall  |  Bullet6Flipperless Boring? Hardly!  |  Bullet6Introduction to Trade Stimulators & Counter Games  |  Bullet6Road Trip to the Pinball Hall of Fame  |  Bullet6Russ Jensen, Pinball Historian
Bullet1Script Engines & Tutorials
Tutorials with scripts. Not only are you given a script, but told how to use it for your tables.   Bullet6Attract Mode Routine  |  Bullet65 Ball Counter  |  Bullet65 Ball Multiball  |  Bullet6How To Keep Score  |  Bullet6Multiple Player Routine  |  Bullet6Ball Plunger, Nice Touch  |  Bullet6Bonus Collection Routine  |  Bullet6Debug Window Explained  |  Bullet6Object elasticity  |  Bullet6shivaEngine\'s features  |  Bullet6Flippered to Flipperless Routine  |  Bullet6Nudge Pause  |  Bullet6Moving Small Table Objects  |  Bullet6Player/Debug Keys for shivaEngine  |  Bullet6Rollovers with lane change  |  Bullet6Drop Target Tutorial  |  Bullet6Ramp Diverter Rountine  |  Bullet6Ramp Loop Bonus Routine  |  Bullet6Trouble-shooting Visual Pinball  |  Bullet6Using Keycodes In Your Script  |  Bullet6Variable Velocity Kicker/Plunger Routine
Bullet1tiltjlp's Articles
   Bullet6tiltjlps 1st PinGame Journal Article!  |  Bullet6A Blending Of Old And New  |  Bullet6Things Found On The Internet!  |  Bullet6The Collected Writings Of tiltjlp  |  Bullet6Poems by tiltjlp 10/27/03 (zipfile)  |  Bullet6Treasured Friends  |  Bullet6Penny Arcade Memories  |  Bullet6More Internet Finds  |  Bullet6A Way To Better Originals
Bullet1Visual Pinball Tutorials
Pinball Nirvana VP Tutorial and Article Collection
We are pleased to offer a selection of tutorials, starter tables, and demo packs. While many of these are geared toward Flipperless and Novelty designers, many will be useful for any author.
   Bullet6BJs How To series  |  Bullet6BJs VP Objects Settings Tutorial  |  Bullet6Hakyoku Seiken Pachinko Starter Kit  |  Bullet6tiltjlps Bagatelle Starter Tables  |  Bullet6tiltjlps Custom Ball Image Pack  |  Bullet6Variable velocity Kicker/Plunger Demo  |  Bullet6VP Tilt/Nudge Demo Pack!  |  Bullet6Table Templates and Plunger Images  |  Bullet6Bumpers