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Old 09-14-2013, 11:54 AM
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Default Gottlieb Surfer 1976 project

Hi All,

New to pinball repair. I picked up a 1976 Gottlieb Surfer machine that is in very nice condition. I am fixing it up to give to a friend for his 50th. He and I played a lot of pinball together back in the mid seventies so this machine really brings me back.

The machine plays nicely. I have been able to repair the spinner relay and the match relay that were easy fixes. I changed the rubbers and cleaned the play field, replaced a missing rollover switch and adjusted/cleaned the flipper contacts. Light bulbs and a new ball coming in the mail soon.

Two things I am having trouble with.

It says the targets will reset and score 5000 bonus when all the targets are down and all rollovers are hit but this feature doesn't seem to work. If I press the "Target reset and 5000 bonus relay" manually, it resets fine, but not by completing the targets and rollovers as it should. I have tried cleaning contacts on the relays and connector plugs to no avail.I also cant seem to get the special or extra ball features to work, unless I press this same same relay first.

Secondly, the bonus mechanism only goes up to 15,000 then stops, There is a tooth missing / space on the wheel at this point. It the tooth supposed to be missing?

I hope to have this ready soon, then maybe Ill get one for myself. The guy I bought it from had a 197? Gottlieb Big Ben for sale that needed a little work also. $125.00

Thanks for any help!!
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Old 09-15-2013, 09:49 PM
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pinballdaveh is just really nicepinballdaveh is just really nicepinballdaveh is just really nicepinballdaveh is just really nice

i dont have a schematic so im kinda guessing here. the drop target bank has 6 switches , 5 of the switches are on one side and are for drop target scores. the 6th switch on the other side looks for all drop targets down. clean and check operation of this switch. this switch along with the 5 star rollover latch ins and prob. a 5 rollover completed latch in should pull in that 5000 and reset relay. 15,000 is the bonus max , so that missing tooth is normal, so the bonus unit cant advance higher than its 15th step. i dont know when extra ball and special should come on, some machines its at bonus max , some machines its after drop targets complete. if its bonus related a 15th position switch on the gear side of the bonus unit might need cleaning and adjusting.
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