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Old 10-12-2018, 07:13 AM
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Default Hello everyone

If you’ve ever been on an online free games website recently - so, in the past few years - you will have seen these tags, genres, or categories called .io. To the untrained or unknown eye, an .io game looks like something completely obscure. What would these two vowels with a period mean together? Why are they in lowercase instead of capitals? So many questions for so few letters. .io means Indian Ocean. The reason why so many games are now .io is due to their ability to be played all over the world. Domains such as .com and .org have been extensively used, so the .io has come about to create a new world for these massively multiplayer online games - MMOs. However, the reason why .io games are dominating the best free online games industry isn’t exactly clear. There are a few reasons as to why we think they’re so popular - check them out below.

To know more, click this link:

Play All Over the World

Gaming and being online go hand-in-hand. If you’re able to play a game, why not make it better and play it against people from the other side of the world. Before online came about, games have always had multiplayer options, but the multiplayer had to be played with a person who was with you physically and the games tended to be downloaded. After the introduction of online to the gaming industry, games with multiplayer options were opened up to a huge new arena. Instead of being able to play with your friends or your siblings, you were now able to play against anyone in the world who also had access to this game. It was a huge step forward for online games. But, this was even before .io games became a thing.

Check out here:

This genre only got big recently, and it was due to being able to play with anyone all over the world. Instead of playing against just one or two or three people, these new .io games were able to offer hundreds of people playing in the same game, sometimes even thousands, depending on the game. This ability to play against all of these people from all corners of the world was pretty groundbreaking for free online games where no download is needed. To be able to go online to a simple and modest games website and then be able to play with hundreds of people all at once is a technological marvel. Powerful servers allowed games like this to be played all at once with minimal lagging, which makes for a reason why .io games are so popular right now.

Simple Accessibility

See more here:

One of the main aspects that puts .io games ahead of most games out there is the accessibility. The simplicity and the ease of being able to just log onto a games website and play the game, or to be able to download the app and play on your phone on the go, while playing against all of these people across the world, is just astounding. This huge feat that is supported by such modest means is a significant reason why .io games have such a strong appeal. Adding to this, they are all free. Free! It is insane that these fantastic games are all free when players get so many advantages and additions that make the game so popular. The third part of the accessibility of these .io games is down to the fact that no download is needed. Being able to simply play whenever and wherever is a huge factor as to why they are so popular. Players don’t need to download a huge game to their computer. This means you can play with even your strangest friends! They can download the app onto their phones, but most of the games can be played on mobile browsers so downloading isn’t always necessary. The fact that these games are free, easily available online, and require no download, are three simple reasons why .io games are fantastically popular and have such a huge appeal in current gaming.

Gameplay and Graphics

Find out more here:

Considering the reasons already stated, we haven’t even mentioned the best gameplay of the .io games. The best thing is that you can play with your friends. These games are exciting, incredibly enjoyable, and always will have you wanting to play over and over. Most of the .io games follow a similar premise. Between a few and thousands of players are in the same arena-style backdrop, and normally they have either grow and be the biggest or be the last person standing. If you play the former, like and others similar, you begin as a small snake, joining tonnes of other snakes, and you have to grow as much as possible. To do this, you have to eat or destroy other snakes. Each different online game has its own set of specific rules, but you have to be the biggest by whatever means necessary. If you are playing the other kind of .io game where it’s a battle royale-style game, then you need to last as long as possible. This game will feature a lot of weapons and will have you attacking those who are in the game. .io games like this include, which is a massively popular online free game where no download is needed. These games have such fun and exhilarating gameplay where you won’t want to stop playing. As well as the gameplay, the graphics of these .io games tend to be exquisite. They look great and really add to the games’ effect and appeal. Considering how many people may be using the server at the same time, these games will still have really strong and smooth graphics with limited lagging.

Overall, the appeal of .io games comes from a number of reasons. Firstly, the gameplay is some of the most fun and original out there. To be able to devour other players live who may be playing from the other side of the world to further the progress of your game is more exciting than anything. Furthermore, it is the actual idea that you are able to play with players over the world. This has already been a huge feature in a lot of games, but when considering these games are free, then it really makes the best .io games seem incredibly special. Finally, the accessibility is astounding. A free game, which is online to anyone, where no download is needed, makes for some of the most accessible gaming. Adding all of these features together makes for three fantastic reasons why .io games are so popular right now.

To see more, click this link:

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Old 10-13-2018, 02:34 AM
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Hello, I'd run one of the installers for Visual Pinball and VPM if you haven't tried it before, VPX installer 10.2.0

There's a different installer for Future Pinball here:
Future Pinball Program

Some table downloads can be found here:

Enjoy the Pinball!

Pinball Nirvana
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