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Old 09-21-2018, 12:39 AM
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Default Digital desert

Digital desert: our top picks from this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas
Digital television was the most popular product category at the 1998 exhibition, as 15 manufacturers debuted at least one DTV prototype. Other notable products included the Sony Hi-Fi VCR with Smartfile System and Aiwa FR-C150 radio/flashlight.
* Other than blackjack tables, complimentary booze and general gluttony, Las Vegas really is good for something--the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Every January, thousands of people crow to the desert to do one thing (other than gamble)--talk about consumer electronics.
We here at POPULAR MECHANICS were right thick of things this year, walking the floor of the show, schmoozing at the parties (crudites and cheese cubes start to get pretty tiring after a while, though free beer is always welcome) and checking out some of the coolest, most innovative stuff we could get out grubby little hands on.Along with some utlraneat products we'll show you in the coming pages, we also saw some larger trends. In 1998, digital television (DTV) wins the "hottest product category" award. Fifteen different manufacturers showed at least one prototype of DTV, although prices and product rollout schedules were sparse. As mentioned in previous issues of PM, price for the first digital TVs are being placed at $5000 to $10,000. Quite a fistful of cash--but prices should go down after the first year or so.Mitsubishi showed a 73-in. widescreen rear-projection DTV, which proved to be the largest we could find. Now we know size isn't everything, but the picture looked pretty picture, these digital television are right up your alley--but let's see if broadcasters release enough high-definition programming to make the price worthwhile.Oh, and for you satellite fans, Thomson Consumer Electronics joined forces with DirecTV president Eddy Hartenstein, who showed the first satellite feed of a high-definition signal from his company's Castle Rock, Colorado, facility. Hartenstein proudly announced DirecTV's emergence into the world of high definition with two separate channels using 1080-line, interlace-scan high-definition signals that will run on his company's satellite system. This, of course, bring you an interesting choice as cable companies struggle to make heads or tails of the whole digital story. The DSS signal can be displayed through Thomson DTV sets as well as converters with combo DSS, terrestrial DTV and NTSC receivers built in.Then there's the MiniDisc. It's hard to believe that after such a complete flop several years ago, this technology is back with a vengeance. But have no fear, MiniDisc is definitely here and hanging tough. It's small, neatly set in rugged plastic, and--best of all-digital. Units for playback and recording were shown by several manufacturers, including Sony, JVC, Kenwood, Denon, Aiwa and Sharp. As we've mentioned before, this is strictly a record-and-playback format. There are virtually no prerecorded MiniDiscs for sale in the United States.
As for the rest of the show, here are our hot picks.Just a wave of the handThey may not be digital, but two new hi-fi Sony SmartFile VCRs ($449 and $499) can do something quite intelligent. Just wave a videotape marked with a Sony SmartFile electronic indexing system label in front of the VCR, and the tape player's front panel will display the longest block of blank tape available. Then load the tape and the VCR will automatically fast-forward to that point. Pretty tricky, eh? If the TV is on, these VCRs can also display the tape's contents, showing program dates, durations, channels and times. Count your blessings--you may never have to stare at an unmarked tape in horror again.Hey, watch the road!Although mobile audio/video systems are no secret in Japan, Americans are just becoming exposed to this phenomenon. Keep the kids busy with a video, check out your navigation system or just listen to music with Pioneer's newest in-car "Visual Audio" product, which includes a tuner, 4-channel speaker outputs and a choice of two monitors. The main unit, the AVM-P505R, can be hidden under any seat or in the trunk to protect against theft. The monitors are full 5.5-in. color, while the audio section has a 40-watt x 4, 3-way/6-channel line level output with built-in subwoofer crossover. Inputs are included on the main unit for a CD player, video or game system, or a Pioneer navigation system. The system will be in stores by June, but prices haven't been disclosed yet.Want some more bang for your buck? Clarion has teamed up with Microsoft to bring you a power auto PC system that can do just about anything but clean your windshields. The Clarion Auto-PC ($1299) integrates best car speakers on the market, computing, navigation and wireless communications through hands-free voice activation, built right into the dashboard of your car. The system uses the Windows CE operating system and incorporates a Universal Serial Bus (USB) architecture, allowing for future connectivity to other USB products. The system is an AM/FM stereo with Digital Signal Processing (DSP) equalization, a 35-watt x 4-channel amplifier, Hitachi SH3 processor, USB 6-disc CD audio and CD-ROM drive, and backlit LCD screen. Also included is a point-to-point navigation system, a built-in address book and a mileage log. A driver can utilize all these features hands-free with the Auto-PC's text-to-speech application, which recognizes over 200 simple voice commands. Check out this muscular auto accessory when it hits stores in June.Zoom easyThere's nothing neater than a touch-pad. And Sharp is using this technology for something altogether new--its camcorder controls! Sometimes it's hard to figure out all the different functions on a camcorder. Not so with the Sharp VL-PD1U ($2999.95). This model is a SlimCam digital camcorder using touchscreen operation to control basic camcorder functions such as play/record, zoom, focus and lighting changes. The touchscreen is a 4-in. color flip-out LCD. Want to zoom in? Just touch the image of your subject on the LCD and the camera will automatically zoom to the center of the screen. Talk about easy.Movies to goWeighing less than 2 pounds, Panasonic's portable DVD player, the DVD-L10 ($1299.95), is a traveler's dream companion. I don't know about you, but watching the movie shown on an airplane is never a welcome proposition for me. The screen never seems to be positioned correctly, and for some reason they always have something I've either already seen or never had any interest in. It's a curse.But the DVD-L10 can change all that. It's small, with a built-in LCD screen and a 2-hour nickel-metal-hydride battery. Although this limits which movies you can watch, the batteries are rechargeable The screen is 5.8 in. wide and can accommodate a 4:3 or 16:9 ratio. It also includes a 10-bit video digital-to-analog converter. The audio can be enjoyed straight from the built-in speakers or through headphones, and it includes Virtual Surround Sound, a trick that simulates surround sound, from Dolby Digital-encoded software.Emergency radioEveryone's got a phobia (yes, even you). If being stuck in an emergency with no light or radio is one of your secret fears, Aiwa's FR-C150 ($59.95) emergency radio may be your dream come true. The power options are available in case of emergency: an AC adapter, batteries or built-in generator. To use the generator option, crank the handle on the side of the radio for one minute and behold--30 minutes of music will be yours. Along with the AM/FM tuner, a flashlight is built in. Great for camping or outdoor excursions.Intelli-phones

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TheManFromPOST will become famous soon enoughTheManFromPOST will become famous soon enough

but the company that made it went broke during production
there are a few completed games that got delivered to customers

supposedly a fun game to play
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