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Old 04-09-2014, 03:58 AM
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Default Pinball Poker Tournament - Las Vegas, NV

Pinball Poker Run
April 22nd, 2013
Practice play opens at 4:30pm
Registration opens at 5pm till 5:55pm
Tournament start time at 6pm
WPPR points

$20.00 buy-in
Games on Free play

1st place 50%
2nd place 30%
3rd place 15%
4th place 5%

Poker portion - Prizes awarded to top 4 poker hands!

Round 1
Each group of 3 plays 6 matches on 6 different games
- At the end of each game each player draws a playing card by random.
- The winner of each game will have the opportunity to redraw their card one time.
- Game 6 will work as a wild card and can replace any card currently held in their hand.
- A maximum of five cards are allowed in your hand at any given time.
- At the end of Round 1 the Top poker hands will be reviled and the Top 4 will be awarded prizes. Photo will be taken of Top 4 winners and their prizes.

During Round 1 you will be awarded points based on your finishing scores of each game. 3 points for 1st, 2 points for 2nd and 1 point for 3rd. You will have a tally card to keep track of these points during Round 1. Points here are important as they also determine your seeding for subsequent rounds.

In the event of an uneven number of players:
- Single uneven player, bye will be awarded and player will advance to round 2. If player chooses to participate in poker portion of Tournament then he/she may play 6 games to be awarded a playing card at end of each game.
- Two uneven players. Players will compete heads up and play all 6 games. Players will both advance into Round 2 and will both be required to compete in poker portion of tournament.

A short recess will be given at this time to formulate bracket and player seeding.

Round 2
- Top two points leaders from each group will move on to Round 2.
- Round 2 will start a bracket format. Players will be paired with a player from another team, but may have to play their previous opponent again.
- Each group will play 3 games. The best 2 out of 3 moves on.
- A bank of games will be chosen by Tournament Director prior to start of Tournament. ( I will try and have this posted no later then April 16th.)
- For the first game of each round the player in the group with the highest point total from Round 1 will have the option to pick Game or Position.
- In the other two games of the round the Loser of each Match picks Game or Position.

- Play will continue in this format until there is only one Champion.

- In the event of a uneven number of players a bye will be awarded to a random


- Cash and Trophy will be awarded to Top 4 finalists in tournament potion of the Event.

1st place - 50% prize pool
2nd place - 30% prize pool
3rd place - 15% prize pool
4th place - 5% prize pool

Trophies made by Angela Drobka. Keeping it in the Community!

All games will be 3 ball games in an effort to keep play challenging and flowing in a timely manner. If the game is set to 5 balls only the first 3 balls may be used and the other two disregarded.

- No extra balls at all! Straight plunge and drain.

Photos will be taken by Jason's Daughter and will be posted to Facebook and the LV Tournaments webpage.

Side Tournament Information:

Dirty Harry
Opens at 4pm.
$1.00 per play
1st through 3rd high scores on machine at end of night will receive percentage of coin drop.
Bring quarters. Not sure if we will have a change machine available. Also, I am not your change machine.

All decisions will be final and at the discretion of the Tournament Director.
- There will be no opening of the machines by any player, other then Jason ( owner ) and myself.
- Any discrepancies, stuck balls, issues of any kind should be brought up to the tournament director.

Please feel free to ask questions or comments. Only my second tournament, so if I am leaving something out please let me know. This is all in good Fun!

LV pinball Tournaments webpage:
Pinball Poker Run Event page:
Pinball Classics Webpage:

Location is at Pinball Classics

1400 S Main Street,
Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada 89104
Inside the "Main Street America" Vintage, Antiques & Collectables Mall building
General Showroom Hours are 10am-7pm Monday-Saturday & 10am-5pm Sunday

Games List can be found at the LV pinball tournament webpage.
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