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Old 11-14-2015, 12:57 PM
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pinballdaveh is just really nicepinballdaveh is just really nicepinballdaveh is just really nicepinballdaveh is just really nice

And now another edition of how to be manly. you get a phone call from your neighbor that works at the local public tv station. he says that the tv station is holding an on-air auction for charity and would you like to donate one of your pinball machines. you feel that it will be a good tax writeoff and good publicity for your new pinball restore and repair business and agree. you start taking apart the machine , and tape one of your business cards to the apron , and load the machine into your SUV , and drive to the tv station. at the tv station you un-load and set up the machine where the station manager tells you to , and you head home to watch the auction. you are sure that your pinball machine will be the hit of the auction and will bring in a lot of money for start watching the auction and you wait to see if your machine is grouped along with fine antiques or expensive artwork. you are appaulled to see your machine grouped along with common cheap items. what makes you even more angry is that someone put a opening bid of $100 on your machine. you think well its early in the auction and many other high bids will come in near the end of the auction. you cant believe what you see at the end of the auction when your machine only sells for $101. later that day you get a call from the new owner of the machine , and he asks if delivery and set-up are included with the sale. you are almost at your furious limit and want to let the new pinball owner know how you feel about his cheapness , but how do you accomplish this in a manly manner. follow along in your manly manual and repeat after me. #1 HEY BUDDY you must be a big rollerblading fan because your such a cheapskate. #2 HEY CAPT. LOWBALLER the only thing tighter than you is your ugly teenage daughters pussy. #3 HEY BOTTOMFEEDER when your wife gave me oral sex my climax was a tight WAD. use any or all of these phrases in just such a situation , and later when the auction is over you watch a new charity event is on HOW TO TAKE YOUR FRUSTRATIONS OUT AFTER NOT WINNING A FREE GAME PLAYING PINBALL , as you see many people with sledgehammers destroying your donated pinball machine. the new pinball donator will have no doubts as to what kind of man you really are. this is mr manly saying BE MANLY AND GOOD DAY.

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Old 11-14-2015, 02:53 PM
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Coil_Smoke is just really niceCoil_Smoke is just really niceCoil_Smoke is just really niceCoil_Smoke is just really nice
Default No Good Deed...Goes Unpunished !

Truly Manly Solution : Offer to deliver your machine to Mr. Tight Wad. But you take your machine back to your shop and deliver $101 to Mr. Tight Wad instead.

When Lit
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