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Arne's car was a Ford Falcon that he drove to work at Warner Brothers. If I'm remembering correctly, it was a 1964 model. I know that Arne loved this car. Our hard drinking dad did decide to repaint it one night, with red spray paint for the body, and white spray paint for the roof. He did a pretty crappy job. It's true that I wrecked the car, and I felt extremely guilty about doing so. The accident happened on a rainy night, when the traffic lights were out. I stopped, like you are supposed to do, when the traffic lights are not working, but the other car on the perpendicular street did not. The other driver also did not have her headlights on, and there was some evidence that she may have been drinking. I did not see her, and broadsided her car. I felt terrible about wrecking Arne's car, but I didn't have any money at the time to buy him a new one. I was just a teen without a job, struggling to get through college. It makes me really sad to think that Arne thought that I "refused to help buy him a car, because I didn't think that it was fair." I would have done anything for him. Our dad told me that he would get another car for Arne. Since he was an auto mechanic, he was able to find cars that his customers wanted to sell. Arne got another car shortly afterwards. The accident was the other woman's fault, but she did not have insurance, and we were not litigious people, so there was no lawsuit for compensation. This story is a sad reminder of how difficult Arne's life was at times. It seemed like whenever he caught a little break, something would set him back. A few days before his official cancer diagnosis, I was talking to Arne on the phone about a heart procedure I was about to have. He asked me if I was certain I wanted to go through with it, and I told him that there was a 95 percent success rate for the procedure. Arne said, "Yes, but I always seem to fall within the 5 percent." That quote stuck with me when he got his cancer diagnosis and was told there was nothing they could do for him. I know life was extremely tough for him, and people were often not very kind. I picture him in heaven now, flying from place to place curiously checking out all the wondrous things to see, filled with unbelievable happiness.

Thank you JonPurpleHaze for keeping this forum going. It has been comforting for me to read your memories of Arne, and to be able to read some of Arne's posts. He was a very gifted writer, who could paint vivid pictures with his words. I am eternally grateful that he had such great internet friends.

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