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ok traf ok, it was a fuse that was blown.

Still have some wierd errors:
Just gonna copy from another place

Bought a Sinbad project. Got it up and running now but the game acts strange. It starts a game and the scoring is just terrible. Some scores make the chime sound some not, some scores add more to the bonus ladder than what it should and everything seems to go in slowotion on the bonusladder and scoring. I still have the repinn connectors to do and clean switches. One droptarget resets the game so it acts like you just started a new gae .Tried some diffrent driverboards and basiclly the made the playfieldlights flicker alot. When tested everything from start and connected one by one and came to the driverbord connector I did not heare the 2 relays click when booting up, when adding the rest of the cabels to the driverbord it boots up with the 2 relays doing theire sound. I also only have only have 13 cabels on A1-J7, manual says it should be 2 more but when looking on the cord it seems like there has never been any other cabels in the harness.
So what might cause this? Is a janin all in one card gonna solve this? or is it the crimp connectors that can cause this?
Question 2:
On my Solarride the right flipper sometimes stay energized when flipped, goes back when pushing left flipperbutton. Change the eos switch to a new one but no diffrent. Also the flipperswitch on the cabinet seems ok.
Question 3:
Can I use a diffrent bottom board on my sinbad? Can I use one from example countdown or charlies angels? It has diffrent colors on the cabels but looks the same.
Thankfull for help or ideas
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