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Default Some issues with my new Gottlieb Sinbad

I just got an object to work with in the winter. Repaired some system ones along time ago and will try to catch up with my lost memory there

The sinbad I have starts up and when playing it acts really strange, gives more bonus than it should, the middle red droptaget resets the game when get hit.
I took display one to one of my other system ones and took a spare I had and put it back in the sinbad slot one. The display was shorted and now after I have removed the display none of the other displays works in slot one but works fine in the other slots. It also sounds a humming sound from what I thought was the big transformer however it could be the small one cause thats the one who handels the displays if I do remeber correct. What I should have done is to secure up the small trafo with 2 amps fuses if notr misstaken but I didnt do that, didnt knw that a shorted display could cause problems.
So display one does not work anymore, the trafo sounds a bit to loud now but does not smell fire, the droptarget resets the game, wrong points on the playfield and. I did notice is that the A1-J7,J6,J2 and J3 has all been re pinned, could that cause some of the issues?
Is the trafo good to go with if it works and still boots up the game but sounds alot? Dont want the house to burn up

Thanks in advance
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