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I am proud to announce that the Bally 6803 games Tech Charts are on my website.
Those games are...
Eight Ball Champ
Beat the Clock
Lady Luck
Black Belt
Special Force
Strange Science
City Slicker
Party Animal
Heavy Metal Meltdown
Dungeons & Dragons
Escape from the Lost World
Blackwater 100
Two games (Truck Stop & Atlantis) will be added next month as I'm still working on those.
Also added an instruction cards zip file for Beat the Clock.
Bally Boomerang (and Flicker) is as good as complete.
A very special Thank You goes to Carny_Priest for creating the missing Stern Pinball files for 24,
Avatar, Big Buck Hunter, NBA, Transformers & X-Men.
If you have a card in another language, please send me a copy of photo.
Just make sure it is readable.

Enjoy Pinball!
If you like my work, please send me a doantion via PayPal.

30 september 2017 changes
New made or updated card files:
Bally Beat the Clock zip file added
Bally Beat the Clock Tech Chart added
Bally Black Belt Tech Chart added
Bally Blackwater 100 Tech Chart added
Bally Boomerang cards added to zip file
Bally City Slicker Tech Chart added
Bally Dungeons & Dragons Tech Chart added
Bally Eight Ball Champ Tech Chart added
Bally Escape from the Lost World Tech Chart added
Bally Hardbody Tech Chart added
Bally Heavy Metal Meltdown Tech Chart added
Bally Lady Luck Tech Chart added
Bally MotorDome Tech Chart added
Bally Party Animal Tech Chart added
Bally Special Force Tech Chart added
Bally Strange Science Tech Chart added
Data East Torpedo Alley Tech Chart better logo added (thanks to
Stern 24 pdf file added (thanks to Carny_Priest)
Stern Avatar pdf file added (thanks to Carny_Priest)
Stern Big Buck Hunter pdf file added (thanks to Carny_Priest)
Stern NBA pdf file added (thanks to Carny_Priest)
Stern Transformers pdf file added (thanks to Carny_Priest)
Stern X-Men pdf file added (thanks to Carny_Priest)
Williams Ding Dong zip file corrected
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