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Vacation is over, time for a next update...
I've added Bally On Beam card set and added an adjustments card for Bally Rock Makers.
While I was at it, I also added the adjustments card to Bally Joust and Rocket III along with some extra instruction cards.
A nice find was a set of cards for Gottlieb Jockey Club by Gary Donovan, also added.
Gary also scaned the card set for Williams Darts. Now a nice nearly complete set.
While working on the cards for Gottlieb New York, I also adjusted the set for Pioneer and Spirit of 76.
Gottlieb Target Pool got some more cards added.
A nice guy from Germany has send me an image for Bram Stokers Dracula instruction card.
Williams Miss O file has been added with some French cards in the set.
And the last file to be added is Williams Pit Stop.

I'm still working on the Tech Charts for Bally 6803 games.
I could use some help in finding all the used coils.
Parts manuals have this information, but not all parts manuals are online available.
This is where your help would come in handy.
I have a few Tech Charts complete, but I keep them off the web for now until more of them are complete.
This is to avoid errors in the older files.
Do you have a Motordome, Black Belt, City Slicker, Party Animal, Heavy Metal Meltdown or Blackwater 100, please help me.
In this posting you can read more of what I need:

Enjoy and have fun,

31 august 2017 changes
New made or updated card files:

Bally Joust zip file updated
Bally On Beam zip file added
Bally Rock Makers card added to zip file
Bally Rocket III cards added to zip file
Data East Tales for the Crypt tech chart updated
Gottlieb Jockey Club cards added to zip file
Gottlieb New York zip file added
Gottlieb Pioneer zip file added
Gottlieb Spirit of 76 zip file corrected
Gottlieb Target Pool cards added to zip file
Williams Bram Stokers Dracula added German card to zip file
Williams Darts cards added to zip file
Williams Ding Dong cards added to zip file
Williams Miss O zip file added
Williams Pit Stop cards added to zip file
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