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That was actually my first pin I ever owned and they seem to be very hard to find now . I would like to get another one someday but I am getting more back into the bingo machines since I played them the most when I was in my teen years . Then drag racing took over but still played the bingo machines after playing pool . That was where the most bingo machines were back then . The pool halls I went to would have a wall with nothing but bingo machines to play . Most of them had from about 6 or to 10 but one place that had 2 walls full of them ! There was about 20+ of them at that pool hall . They did have just about everyone you could think of and I was lucky and played just about all of them but a few made back then .
I want to get an OK machine next in a couple years and hopefully I can find a Golden Gate machine someday as well . Those were my 2 favorites to play and won the most money off of .

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