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A friend has a Bally "Hi Lo Ace" that I recently spent some time in, but he has the manual and schematic so the unsoldering and resoldering was harder than the diagnosis (lightly corroded fuse panel terminals interrupted the 6V to half of the machine)---although I 'R&R'ed the power transformer to check it out before the real cause occurred to me. Almost thirty years since I raised the glass of a pinball machine, and I'm a bit rusty.

When your backglass indicates Player 2, does Player 1 still play, or does the machine go to lunch until you tilt to get back to Player 1. (Never mind; I guess the relevant question is whether you have the literature to aid you in tracing what does what.)

I thought the wide body and open playfield were what 'made' the game, along with the upper flippers to relay the ball to the top targets if and when it got past the posts on the free-wheeling disc; the extra width sure came in handy!

A virtual version of 4 Aces would be a nice companion to Hi Lo Ace, Kings and Queens, and Midway Flying Turns.

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