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Default Help ID'ing antique baseball arcade game?

Hi, new guys here, wondering if we could get some help identifying this mysterious antique
baseball-themed arcade game. It was pictured in a 1933 edition of the Washington Post.
Like many pre-War pinball or arcade action games, like World's Series by Rockola or Major League
by Pamco, &c', no backglass -- although there is that scoreboard apparatus mounted on top.
Also seems weird: what appears to be launch control mounted on the left side of the cabinet front,
suggesting the coin slot is on the right, the opposite of almost every other coin-op ever.
Also notice: Byrd appears to operating a lever, presumably controlling some element of play
in opposition to Combs.
That's all we got -- you can infer only what's available from the photo.
Any assistance at all in identifying the machine would be most appreciated!

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