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Default Ball Tracking demo with chosen IMAGES!

Here is the SAME program but with MY CHOSEN ball images; a nice white glass ball and blue glass ball! Same with the score tracking as on the original ball tracking demo! No matter how you shoot the balls, be it one at a time or all four continuously, the scoring is perfect! 300 for each white ball and 600 for the blue ball!

These are the same balls I am using in my WIP: Genco's Good Luck from 1932. The BALLSET is available (8 colors) in the download section of PN.

ActiveBall.Image = "blue" AND ActiveBall.Image = "white" has been replaced instead of ActiveBall.Color = vbblue / vbwhite. Change the name in " " (quotes) to your desired name from your image gallery in the VP table!

Thanks once again to Rascal and Sleepy for all their help!!!! Kudos my friends!!!

Thanks guys!

Enjoy the demo!


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