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first of all i'm moderate. secondly, even from a middle-of-the-road stance, i can't understand wanting to reserve the right to kill the innocent... the ones who haven't even had the change to take a breath, yet rally and picket in defense of convicted killers. i'm talking about people who've had a chance at life and made the wrong choices.

should all forms of abortion be denied to women who are victims or are in danger of death due to complication? no. should women use it as birth control? no. i'd like to know how many clinics have running tabs.

it just kills me that the same group of people that defend the freedoms of gays and pro-choice are of the same political affiliation as the ones bellyaching about "in god we trust" or "one nation under god" or simply the word "christmas" all of which hold more a traditional sentiment for me than a religious one.
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