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I'm an American serving in Germany and let me just tell you that their country is three times more F-ed up than the states... They truely do "spread the wealth" over here and let me tell you, it's working for them oh so well... so foreign countries' approval of our precious Obama means dick to me.

Not being a fan of Obama at all, i conducted a (crude) experiment with one of his socialist ideals... i had a long dinner at an average restaurant. Throughout my meal, i discovered my waiter was a huge supporter of Obama. When it came time to pay my check, I informed him I'd be leaving no tip. I explained that I would instead give the tip he worked for to the first needy person I came across. Later in the day I found one such individual sleeping against a parking garage. The homeless man was more than happy to receive the hand-out. When I pondered on what had been accomplished, I concluded that nothing had. The waiter was more than angry to have worked for only his $2.15 and hour(this was on base) with no tip, and the homeless man was no less homeless and had contributed nothing. Moreover he had learned nothing; gained no skill. I'm sure my waiter voted for the left.

Another thing i'm trying to figure out.... how will we cut taxes for 95% of Americans when 1 in 6 pay no taxes?

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