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Originally Posted by faralos View Post
did ya' check its fuse? the two flippers usually have their own fuses
and if the solenoid is working that may be the problem
you also say that it sticks in its up position but does it make any buzzing sound when it sticks? or does it just stay up?
if it's buzzing then yes the transistor may be on its way out
if it just sticks look as to why it does
it may be a bent shaft or the shaft end may have 'mushroomed' due to heavy play
here is a site with some answers:
sorry for such a long addy!
Thanks faralos.

Yes, all of my fuses checked out okay. The solenoid does work so I'm thinking it could be a transistor, but I don't know how to test for that.

It sticks in the up position and as far as I remember it does NOT make a buzzing sound. I'm pretty sure it is something like a mushrooming or something like that. I was planning on sanding those surfaces once I get it working again, but to be honest I don't think it looks that "mushroomed". When it's stuck it will get unstuck whenever I activate the other flipper. Sometimes it takes several knocks of the other flipper to get the stuck flipper all the way back down to its resting position. I think even knocking on the side of the cabinet helps get it unstuck.
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