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Left out of the overly-long opening post:

When the flippers and plunger are acting up, the ball, bumpers and slings , as well as VPinMAME, are fine. Can't say the same for the Lock keys, though; since my left-flipper fingers often graze the CAPS LOCK key, it is turned on - then off - almost constantly.....but when things are haywire, the CAPS LOCK key is sluggish turning on, then even more so turning off, etc., until it stays on - even after the close of the session. The other LOCK keys (Scroll and Number) are non-functional when CAPS LOCK is compromised. Then, as with the plunger and flipper keys, the only way out is a restart.

Playing VP without going through PINemHi, I can close a table without closing the Editor (an option one doesn't have when a front-end has its automatic routine), select another table, and have normal play continue. Closing the Editor, though, and opening it a second or additional time, brings on the malfunction.

I formatted this HDD and installed XP from CD in March and selected Bitdefender Free from a menu; later they put out a product called Security for XP and Vista and registration got me a six-month free license July 30 (I figure to have updated my comp to W8.1 32-bit by the time it expires). Trying to remember what may have been added since July 30 (as that seems to be the last time things behaved normally) , all I come up with is Catalyst Control Center, a reload of the GFX driver from CD (just in case), an update for Flash Player.....and my download history prior to Oct 6 has been scrapped?! Oh, well...thanks for reading.


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