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Default Lagging/Irregular Plunger and Flippers...

...on any session but the first (!?).

After a startup or restart, VP and VPM play normally (once I wait out the updates and/or scans that insist on stealing a few minutes of processor time), no matter whether I play a single game or a dozen or more. I play desktop VP8 and 9, mostly VPM tables, as non-VPM can't submit scores to PINemHi Leaderboard (which also acts as a front-end). Control is a conventional keyboard (Corsair K70 LUX w/ Cherry MX Red mechanical switches).

When I terminate the session, I can access the Internet, Windows Explorer, regedit, Control Panel, etc. and all is tolerable (if one tolerates a single-core AGP-8X comp running XP in this day and age). If/when I choose to begin another pinball session, however, things look normal until I press Start (#1); when I pull back the plunger (Enter) and release it, the ball may not launch for 3 - 5 seconds. When it does, it eventually approaches a flipper, which may not respond to a keypress for a second or more, then sticks open for a similar span, by which time I have slapped both keys numerous times to hit the ball. This activates a mind-of-its-own response in which it cycles open and closed at about twice per second until possibly exhausting its memory of my flailing presses. If the second flipper is cycled, it may or may not respond for several seconds.

The only way out of this is to Restart the computer, then open VP/VPM/PINemHi before doing anything else.

The only time I had this previously, I had changed my NVidia GeForce 6200 for my current ATI HD4670 1GB---suddenly I could no longer play the FullTilt! version of Space Cadet, or Pro Pinball Timeshock! The 4670 was and is the only AGP-8X vidcard made with 1GB of memory, and if it hadn't played VP satisfactorally, it would have been returned TOOT-SWEET!

Does anyone remember having this, and was there a remedy? Thanks, all!

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