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Default Not Hardships, but Things that Get in the Way Nonetheless

I decided not to highjack sleepy's peace, but here they are in order:

Worn-out Shift key (flipper) switches on my Corsair mechanical keyboard led me to buy a ten-pack and find the time to replace them, but then the entire row between the Shift keys went dead and I ultimately RMA'ed the board.

Within days, the switches on the replacement board (refurbished, I assume, rather than new) failed intermittently, so I again planned for disassembling the board to replace a pair of switches.....

and my refrigerator (1964 Frigidaire Imperial Frostproof) decided to have its first problem in 36 years, thawing out a bunch of 'frozen' food thanks to the defrost heater coil burning out and allowing the cooling unit to clog with ice, blocking the airflow that is responsible for dropping the temperatures to correct levels. So, I'm diagnosing and manually defrosting that.....

and the crack in the wall of my laundry-containing basement has doubled in thickness over about two weeks thanks to a tree root that suddenly decided to grow after being almost dormant for my 19 years here. And with California being earthquake country, it will serve me well to get it fixed sooner, rather than later. And my limited funds are supposed to be for extreme old age, medical recovery, or some other such nonsense.

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