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Everything done, my computer is now a happy, and much faster camper. Still playing catchup, but then I have been distracted.

At the moment, getting my resources finished, and starting to finish the rest of the unfinished projects I have lieing around and haven't uploaded to the Shiva Archives section of this website. Most notably, a new version of what was to be the shivaEngine series, which I decided to convert over to VPX.

What I did was write the FPX engine first (for future pinball), take the better parts and combine them with se3 (se4 was completely rendered useless by VP10) and then rework it, before I add them back to FPX. Honestly, I think I will just take this new script and port it over to FP, and get that done once and for all. VPX has really changed a couple things though, but easy enough to fix.

Nothing really vpxy about the new engine, just changed the structure based from FPX so people like Nic might even be able to understand it. I have to rewrite the tilt and use my own system, and fix a ballsaver issue, and test the memory system, but it's fully usable as it stands. I will add more stuff once I release it to my tiny group of testers.

Bit of a question on Jungle Girl though, as it has become very clear that FP is in it's last days, and I am not sure if it's worth it to do it in VPX as it's a original and not a "actual" game. Hard to justify that kind of effort considering the vast majority will only play VPinMAME games, but what say you?

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