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Man, it always pisses me off when I have to install the OS from scratch, but then it always turns in to kind of an interesting project, and I wind up getting a leaner system.

I'm also using Avira, and have only ever had one problem with it, which was fixed after a reinstall. I've also neglected to reinstall such things as "Spybot Search and Destroy" and "AdAware," and that might be... pretty dumb of me.

As far as defrag goes, I thought that was pretty much an automated task in modern Win versions. Is it really necessary to install 3rd-partyware for that?

Sadly, the only noteworthy program I use these days is Windows Task Manager, which I use to monitor CPU and memory usage. It also lets me solve a problem that sometimes happens with this Win version (7, I think) in which the update service goes haywire and starts sucking up all available memory. When that happens I find the service app responsible and shut it down instead of shutting down svchost.exe, which only temporarily fixes the problem.

Anyway, StevOz if he's still hanging around should have loads of app suggestions. Come to think of it, I need to reinstall his recommended app for mass-adjusting playback volumes of MP3's... a very helpful tool. "Fox PDF" (or something like that) was another handy app for working with PDF files... much cleaner and faster than Adobe's.

Actually when I get around to it, I want to install Linux as a dual boot. Apparently it's worlds easier than it used to be. Yeah, I'm not sure if it's a good idea to be using Windows anymore because of all the relentless security risks.
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