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Default Well,that was really not fun

If people wondered(though I doubt it) I have been off for a few days, as I had issues with my computer, and most importantly, Windows 10, and the lack of a proper chipset to support it.

What was happening was once every week, the computer would refuse to boot and just hang at the very start, so I would have to click like mad the delete key to get into bios and restart just to get Windows to start. The other times, it would load the screen in, then reset it before loading in Windows.

I have a MSI gaming computer now (my problems with my hardware are legendary by now) and apparently, MSI is blaming Microsoft, and Microsoft is blaming MSI, as multiple MSI users that bought their computers just before the changeover to Win 10 have the exact same problem, and so far, no fixes.

On top of that, I had weird ass problems with certain programs, so I finally got fed up, wiped the entire thing, and went back to Windows 8.1. Took a while to get it lean and faster, but so far so good.

As maligned as it is, it's actually far better and faster than Windows 10, and of course I added some things, so what I will do is list the programs I used to get it back up and running just in case this happens to you.

Start menu Reviver - (This turns my start menu to Win 7 type, but comes with a crapload of styles as well)
Revo Uninstaller - Essential, gets rid of all traces, including folders and registry entries that most installers (and windows) never removes.
f.lux - this is nifty, as this adjusts the screen to remove blue light during the night time. If you have problems sleeping after being up working on your computer at night, it's the blue light coming from your screen.
PC App Store - Strange name, but it's also the best checker and auto updater out there for software and drivers. Comes with a whole bunch of stuff, and allows you to download free stuff like games and wallpapers etc.
uTorrent - shh.....
Avira anti-virus - Far better now than avast, with the database more up to date.
ccleaner - love it, it's also one of the few programs that allow you to remove Microsoft programs that are restricted by Microsoft themselves in their bid to control the world.
Smart Defrag 5 - I just changed this over from Auslogics, it's pretty powerful, very fast, and really simple to use.

I have just started my secondary program installs, using Ninite. There are way to many programs you can install from there, but just the essentials for me. Music Bee, VLC, Notepad ++, PDFetc

And yes, soon as I got them in, first thing I installed afterward? FP and then VP

Anyone have any other great free programs to share?

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