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Today concludes two years that were much emptier than they should have been. Most of my last year was spent trying to figure what was wrong with my computer, as the symptoms increased gradually and left multiple possibilities, taxing even the brains and patience of very helpful geeks at a few sites. The final verdict: Motherboard.

Along the way, I broke down and bought a refurbished Hewlitt-Packard Compac Elite 8000 small-form-factor desktop computer running Windows 7 ---No more XP! Although I'm slow in getting acclimated to the differences from an otherwise similar system, I have again spent some time searching Arne's/sleepy's post content in search of what I might refer to as, 'sleepy's greatest hits'. Not the quick-scanning I did when seeking tunes, but a somewhat more thorough read-through of topics to which he was replying or giving life. One thread I stumbled into is Shopping at the Supermarket, which garnered 48 replies and was a pretty interesting discussion. The 'greatest hit': his post #26.....

7-17-2009, 10;22PM

I've got a heirloom picture of my late step-grandfather up to his elbows making fresh-ground sausage from a table-full of ground pork straight from the slaughterhouse with a demonic grin on his face, but I don't want to go there right now.

Why the demonic attribute to the grin? or, why not go there.....

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