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Originally Posted by GSGregg View Post
It looks like I've been at the end of my allotted rope, searching for any remaining Arne compositions or selections, for some time. VPF's Search used to allow one to pick start- and end-dates with which to sift through a high-volume member's topics and replies; I haven't been able to find a similar feature here at PN, but now it seems that it's been discontinued 'over there' as well.

I never intended leaving the search incomplete, but a few things have gotten in the way. Regards to Kathy, Rex and family, and I hope life has leveled out for you.

Hello Gregg, It is possible to set dates on an advanced search here:
More important info is contained in my next reply to Coil Smoke..

Originally Posted by Coil_Smoke View Post
It seems many early posts PN posts can only be found in the aether. Over 3500 of Sleepy's older posts did not survive the conversion to 'Pinball Nirvana 2.0'. Nobody's history shows more than 500 old posts. I just realized it gets weirder because that number has remained constant since we almost lost Pinball Nirvana some time back. I guess that means 500 is a limit and our oldest offerings are deleted every time we submit something new?
Just wanted to clarify, great efforts were made during Pinball Nirvana's 2 major conversions, one was from phpbb to vb a long time ago and nothing was lost, the other was in January 2016 when vb was updated to work with a forced php upgrade and about 2 days of posts didn't make it but they were copied over (under my username) and were around 2 dozen posts.

Posts aren't deleted, I found the problem in the forums search options, it was set to VB's default value to limit search display results to 500. The posts are there but weren't displaying with a search after 500 results were reached. I've changed the display value to 25,000 so we smashed that roadblock!
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