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Originally Posted by Ike Savage View Post

...if the surname starts out "mc" or "mac," look for them in eire. if it starts out "O'" then the cosmos will probably direct you to scotland.
I've always believed (supposed, rather) that Mac and Mc were Scottish, while O' was Irish, although it's no-holds-barred when allowing for cross-pollenation and other forms of conquest. My ancestors are Scottish, Irish, and English (Willmon ((with one or two Ls from time to time)), Crowley, House and ******((don't want the ex-wife to find out where I hang))---by the way; you can look in a dictionary under "White Guy" and see my picture ---but for some reason, 'mick' has always referred to an Irish guy...just before he decks ya.

Originally Posted by Ike Savage View Post

re: sleepy's music,
he shared maybe half a dozen or more of his short piano ditties here.
I came across that many and more peppered all over the place, but couldn't decide whether they constituted 'ambience-quality' material. I just hoped that Kathy had enough already to fill the time, especially if she got that 13-song Albadukes video in...

Originally Posted by Ike Savage View Post

...arne had an interesting playing style in which he kind of played a straight melody with one hand and rhythmically improvised with the other. he didn't seem to mind that his two hands sort of drifted in and out of accord with each other. sometimes this came off pretty atonally to me, and other times it was like a secret message-- "ah, you got past the patch of tall, waving grass and found the reward i left for you."
A few were done on a 'real' midi keyboard with higher quality, but others, on a basic Casio or something, were.....lacking somehow. I hope I didn't miss a boat there.

Originally Posted by Ike Savage View Post
re: youtube fame,
one time arne and i accidentally collaborated on a youtube music video.

around 10 years ago he shared with me a lovely hawaiian tune and i thought "that's rather beautiful and uplifting," but later forgot all about it. a year or two later, i was watching a friend's homemade vacation video and the same tune popped up again. this time it started looping in my head relentlessly, and i knew i had to do something about that. the power of the tune was that striking.

so i put together a slideshow with the tune and posted it to youtube. it's moving towards a million views at this point, so i'm beyond pleased so many people have enjoyed it. if i ever work on that video again, i'll be sure to include arne's part in it. here it is:
Hapa - Ka Uluwehi O Ke Kai (studio version) - YouTube
You worked on THIS (studio) cut? Or an instrumental version.....

Originally Posted by Ike Savage View Post
as i was searching for sleepy's piano attachments, i bumped in to...another one of his short, interesting narratives that i quite liked: in this case he also touches on another issue, eternally kind of mysterious to us-- that of his inventions / creations and his relationship with those who would use them for their own purposes.
I don't have a background to help me speak to that, but using "Red Sails in the Sunset" as an example, it was written and published in 1935, and subsequently re-recorded in '51 by Nat King Cole and in '54 by Sam Taylor and his orchestra. So, if Mom spent lots of time around radios or Victrolas (Awww, shuddup!), unborn Arne could have heard and absorbed the melody.....

Hey, Ike---what, or whose, thumbs were you trying to find in my John's Country Carnival thread? I got mine locked away safe.

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