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November update has been done.
Proud to say I've created a reprocution file for Atari - Space Riders Tech Chart.
This was a per request from Marco Specialties.
I've added French cards to Gottlieb - Car*Hop.
Newly added file for Gottlieb - Just 21.
Two new files from Carny Priest for Stern - KISS and The Rolling Stones.
Also added a file for United - Oklahoma.
At the DPO-Expo in Eindhoven I found an English card for Zaccaria - Spooky.

I'm still working on collecting all information for the Bally AS-2518-35 (and -17) games.
This is for the new Tech Chart with all lamps, coils, fuses and switches information.
They will be in the same style as the Tech Charts for the Bally 6803 games like Special Force, Blackwater 100 and Escape from the Lost World.
I expect to release the first one at the next update.

Enjoy and have fun,

30 november 2017 changes
New made or updated card files:
Atari Space Riders Tech Chart added
Data East flipper decals zip file added
Various flipper decals added
Gottlieb Car Hop French cards added to zip file
Gottlieb flipper decals zip file added
Gottlieb Just 21 zip file added
Stern Kiss pdf file added (special thanks to Carny Priest)
Stern SS-series Credits Display Test card zip file added
Stern The Rolling Stones pdf file added (special thanks to Carny Priest)
United Oklahoma zip file added
Williams 16-9667 Service Outlet label zip file added
Williams 16-9668 fuse label zip file added
Williams flipper decals zip file added
Zaccaria flipper decals zip file added
Zaccaria Spooky English card added to zip file
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