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Nic: I've always felt that modern man has underestimated the intelligence of our predecessors. Our ancestors began making stone tools (hammers and crude stone knives) 2.5 million years ago. There is evidence that Neanderthals, 60,000 years ago, buried their dead in caves, and although it has been disputed, they may have even placed flowers or other ornate ornaments on the graves.

There are many amazing archaeological sites around the world that boggle our minds. How did ancient Egyptians build the pyramids? How could the Incas fit those stones in Machu Picchu so precisely? How did the Druids place those stones in Stonehenge? We assume that we are more evolved and superior, and yet we cannot explain how these sites were constructed.

Regarding genetic memory... There may be a gene for perfect pitch. Many Asian languages rely on pitch for subtle nuances in phrasing. I don't think that it is a coincidence that perfect pitch has also been found to be more prevalent in Asian populations. I think that is fascinating.

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