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I just tried Big Hit in 9.1.6 r548 and got what the pic showed. You can imagine what it looked like to play. That revision might have some zoom settings problems.

I then tried it in 9.1.2
The display was correct. Only a dot matrix where the drops and veri-target is. My settings no doubt.

I see absolutely nothing wrong from the human (Itchigo) side. The table is modeled and set very well. Even the program shortcomings are minimized in this effort. Slower flippers seem to be key for predictability of the ball off the flippers in VP, especially on the fly. It has been that way from the beginning.

Like FP, VP shines the most with EM simulation, and is more impressive from a physics point of view, even though a tediously set modern machine can make an impression, the flipper physics invariably fall to pieces in all cases.

To be open about it, I don't play VP very much anymore, though I have kept about 15 tables out of the hundreds I have uploaded. Not that I am quick to delete tables but that I have re-arranged lately in a front end and only added the ones that I like the most, none of which are perfect but have been adjusted to a more universal presentation and experience.

I like Pinball on the computer though and am open to the inevitable weirdness that comes with it. Real pinball, and suggestion of real pinball in a computer simulation is the niche these days. Pinball as a video game is the future I think. If Pinball Arcade on the PC lives up to the hype, moves ahead with the tables in the pipeline, and is step-up relative to the console releases then it will be very nice. It seems they have all the tools, resources, licenses and talent but too soon to release.

I enjoy Pinball FX2 on the PC. The tables are deep and the physics are very nice. I like many others get a lag at the controller input though which makes it unplayable at 1080p. 740p fixes it though as does certain controllers I read.

I still think VP with every revision is digging it'self deeper into a hole that will be harder to climb out of. Many of the lighting and display features that show up for example may be nice now, but are going to be lame if VP ever does get a modern DX upgrade. If someone was hired to upgrade VP to DX10 or newer I doubt that they would look at VP9 as the base.
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