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If it gets to that point I'll drop Windows all together. Windows (to me) has gotten worse over the years and if need be, I'll just stick with Linux.

Easier to deal with simplicity than to deal with a bunch of damage to my hardware which Windows has a nasty rep of doing.

Thanks for the post Ike.

Originally Posted by Ike Savage View Post
ChromiumOS is a form of Linux AFAIK, so yeah. Me like.

Also, both to Tii and druadic-- I totally get sticking with a non-internet, sealed-off form of Win7, but it does seem like there might be a future issue in doing so. I.e., certain apps you absolutely adore in Windows (those which also undergo ongoing development) will almost inevitably one day stop working under older Win versions, such as Win7.

I mean, you'll deffo have time to prepare for these situations, but you'll also have to deal with it one way or another, sooner or later.

Unless I'm missing something major, you're still facing the quandary down the road of getting out of Win apps entirely, or spending a C note or whatever to remain 'Windows-fresh' every five years or so. Something like that.

Regardless, I'd definitely post something like this to Reddit. I guarantee you'd get far better, more detailed answers than whatever my slack-head self could possibly come up with. :P
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