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I don't use or never have used Windows 10 but my mother says she would rather die than use it since she bought a new laptop with it installed. Been trying to find the time and funds to get down to see her and install Linux Mint for her. I think my mother is sick of the updates (which I KNOW you can turn off) and the outrageous loading times.

Personally, I'll NEVER go to Windows 10 as 7 - 64 bit works just about perfect as long and I don't go online. That's what Linux Mint is for.

Originally Posted by Ike Savage View Post
So... what's the worst thing(s) that can be said about Win10? (I'm pretty much the antithesis of a 'Microsoft guy,' just to be clear)

Me? I've had some minor quibbles here and there, but nothing I couldn't really resolve after a search or two. There was one thing I was never able to do, and that was to enable searching for sub-files within a folder full of archives. (at one point I was having some issues with MAME, and needed to look for individual IC dumps within ROM sets) Fortunately it's no longer an issue.

I looked at the WP entry for Win10 just now, and it doesn't seem to mention any controversies. A google search turned up nothing but minor issues that had minor solutions, or possible workarounds.

Now I get that Windows will always be hugely targeted by troublemakers, but also that's why I'm very conservative with my permissions across the board. Win10 does seem like a logical step forward from Win7/8, with more user tools and such.

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