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Default fpxEngine build 13

The FPx template is designed to replace the stock New Table template in Future Pinball. This one will be aimed right at beginners, in fact, with luck, it may work exactly like the Pinball Construction set. This not only fixes the bugs and incompleteness of the New_table template, it also adds more features that every beginner would want, and then presents it in such a way to make it as easy to use as possible.

It is so easy to mess up a script, especially the high level code of a scoring and logic template. Even advanced coders can mess up pretty easily, because all the code is MIXED IN together. FPx divides the script in to 2 parts, with the first part a user section, and the second portion the actual engine. The engine contains "Hooks" to the user section, this allows just about everyone to make simple changes without needing to touch the engine at all, and yet be able to use one of the most powerful, full featured engines available for Future Pinball.

The FPx template is designed for those who want to get their feet wet with scripting, and yet has all the power and features for Intermediate coders to use.

Build 13 (released 10-15-2019) introduces the first test of the Vault, preset design and coding elements that allow fast creation of a Future Pinball table from scratch. As well, the table design has been updated with new build and texture/model elements and the manual has been greatly expanded.

Build 13
- Template completely rebuilt, with new models and custom textures to replace stock FP models and textures. Textures now set color as well as graphics, so all objects set to a light white/grey color for easy modification. A new manual page added just for the template objects, and to explain all the new features. (fpx Table Build)
- Beginning the new overhauled Debug and script generator. Press F9 in editor, a option list appears. Numberpad 1 generates a copy of the User section code to fpDebugTextLog. This is script ready. Numberpad 5 shows BAM settings used by fpx
constAddDebug = 0 shows variable info at the start and at the loss of a new ball.
- First Vault item - fpxAdvanceScore- About halfway done, this is a test of the main master code and template for the first Vault Item and the basic structure of the code. The code will be folded into the engine when completed, this is placed in the Hit Section for now for review and testing. This code features 2 pin settings to help customize your game. fpxAdvanceScore advances the score by 10k and awards extra ball and special when lit, but is fully adjustable to score any fpx AddScoringEvent calls.
There is a alternate code in the manual page to score features instead based on the features presets in AddScoringEvent
The manual page explains this vault item, and has a complete description of the code, lists of the variables and objects, and also has alternate code you can include for additional scoring features. . This also includes full information and the complete code to use in non fpx tables.
- AddScoringEvent - Mystery and Add Multiplier will now override music already playing. A new AddScoring Event "SpecialIsLit" has been added to the script and is demoed in the Vault fpxAdvanceScore as well.
- PhysicsXML=2 replaced to original Jungle Girl code, Just wasn't Bally with others xml settings. Plays a bit slower. An old experiment also included, code to prevent the ball shooting out like a cannon at the very tip. Still too fast, but flipper speed animation gets too slow. Only way to improve this is with a possible future new script feature added by BAM.
- Manual updated and some pages changed or added to reflect new features.

FaceBook Page for all my Rants,raves and projects
Next project: fpxEngine.

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