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All the messing around with the green Gottlieb certificate made me forget to update my website.
Well, here it is anyway, a little bit later than planned.
I've added four more Tech Charts for Bally Future Spa, Kiss, Star Trek and Voltan.
Last Action Hero has a shaker motor warning label added to the file.
For Gottlieb Bad Girls and Counterforce I received a French instruction card which is also added.
Gottlieb Batter Up has a better instruction card.
Sonic Mars Trek got added on request and for United games there is a score reel replacement numbers strip to fix the bad looking score reels.
Williams STD-586 and the coin door push button label also have a red version now.

Enjoy and have fun,
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1 october 2018 changes
New made or updated card files:
Bally Future Spa Tech Chart added
Bally Kiss Tech Chart added
Bally Star Trek Tech Chart added
Bally Voltan Tech Chart added
Data East Last Action Hero card added to zip file
Gottlieb Bad Girls added French card to zip file
Gottlieb Batter Up cards added to zip file
Gottlieb Counterforce French cards added to zip file
Gottlieb Surfer zip file corrected
Sonic Mars Trek zip file added
United Score Reel number zip file added
Williams push button label in red added to zip file
Williams STD-586 Danger High Voltage label in red added to zip file
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