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Vacation is over, time to update again.
I've added 3 more Tech Charts for Harlem Globetrotters, Paragon and Super Sonic.
Card files for Bally Little Joe, Genco Fun Fair, Gottlieb Flying High, Happy Days, Royal Flush (1957), Silver, Spin Wheel, Zaccaria Ten Stars.
From Down Under I got a request for Hankin FJ.
United Yuma Arizona is another nice addition to the collection.
I also added a few more coil wrappers for Bally and Williams.
Like always, if you can't find what you need, just ask.

Enjoy and have fun,
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31 august 2018 changes
New made or updated card files:
Bally Harlem Globetrotters Tech Chart added
Bally Paragon Tech Chart added
Bally Supersonic Tech Chart added
Bally Little Joe zip file added
Bally Space Time zip file corrected
Bally coil wrapper added
Bally AO-29-2100 coil wrapper added
Bally AQ-26-600 34-4500 coil wrapper added
Bally CE-31-2000 coil wrapper added
Stern J-27-1600 coil wrapper added
Williams SA-3-23 850-DC coil wrapper added
Williams SA-4-23 850-DC coil wrapper added
Williams SA-5-24 750-DC coil wrapper added
Williams SG1-23 850-DC coil wrapper added
Genco Fun Fair zip file added
Gottlieb Diamond Lady decals added to zip file
Gottlieb small envelope zip file added
Gottlieb Flying High zip file added
Gottlieb Happy Days zip file added
Gottlieb Harbor Lites zip file corrected
Gottlieb Royal Flush EM zip file added
Gottlieb Silver zip file added
Gottlieb Spin Wheel zip file added
Gottlieb Super Score relay strip zip file added
Gottlieb Thoro Bred zip file corrected
Hankin FJ zip file added
United Yuma Arizona zip file added
Williams Blackout card added to zip file
Williams Satellite zip file corrected
Williams STD-634-2 push button zip file added
Zaccaria Ten Stars zip file added
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