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Too funny Ike.

Like you don't believe I can grab "experts" who say the exact opposite.
It's a silly argument and always falls to the side you are on.

GDP is 4%+ ... that's good right ?
Unemployment is lower than forever and minority and women unemployment is at all time lows ... also good right ?

Let me guess, you have experts that dispute this ?


Everyone's hatred for Trump is blinding them from their own failings.

LeBron said, and I paraphrase, Trump was dividing the country over his stance on kneeling during The National Anthem, but sports are a way to unite the country, all races, religions, etc can come together under sports.

As if coming together under The National Anthem is somehow second to sports ?

Stupidest thing ever said.

Where are the libs today when Trump retaliated ?


LeBron was opening a house for orphans ... how could that be stupid ?
Trump is a monster.

Again .... typical pseudo-intellectual bullshit.

Instead of reading and responding to one sentence in my post, check the rest.
Again, If you want to save your party, or as LVC says, America, leave all this hysterical shit behind and get together a platform America will back.

p.s. just because some one is named Jim Bob, doesn't mean he is stupid.
I will take the word of a guy with his hands in ACTUAL dirt anyday over some dumbass in a classroom who thinks he understands the real world.

p.s.s. Just because you read a book that no one ever heard of, or even cares to read, don't make ya smart.
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