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On the contrary, it's hard to think of a single area in which the Trump regime isn't failing miserably. Well, at least, in terms of what the relevant body of best experts actually have to say across a range of issues. Economics, environmental, diplomacy, Net Neutrality, statecraft and especially cybersecurity and IP protections... you can pretty much name it.

So, yes... experts. Not tree-huggers, not extremist groups, not political opportunists, but actual professionals who the rest of the world reads, follows and consults when their specialty is sought. Those folks.

For example-- if there was an issue with a big tree in your yard possibly falling on your house in the near future, and a respected team of structural engineers, disaster management specialists and arborists (etc) happened to be standing nearby and had something to say about it with no agenda or profit motives for themselves, would you be willing to hear what their opinion was, or would you be more inclined to listen to good ol' Jim-Bob down the road? (TBH, Jim-Bob hardly knows jack about the matter but is entertaining as hell, and most importantly he thinks you'll be just fine!)

But seriously, how people honestly expected a complete political amateur with a famously short attention span, and whose years of 'business success' mainly comes down to the art of the scam and money laundering to be a competent president in the first place is a question probably best answered by social scientists.

This is the same president who can barely keep a cabinet together, who gets irritated and defensive when they occasionally try to talk about the reality of their jobs, and who knows pretty much jack-shit about the rest of the world and politics in general. The same guy who tends to fill important national jobs by handing them to unqualified cronies who are only meant to toe the line, anyway.

Even so, the fact that the GOP's political M.O. in recent decades eventually led to a complete doofus like Trump being nominated in the first place is a whole dysfunctional story in itself. I've seen plenty of conservatives complain about just that kind of thing, but it doesn't matter. The modern GOP electoral machinery has been perfected too well at this point.

ANYWAY ... regardless of all that ... regardless of those who would simply chalk my comments up to personal hatred of Trump, or conservatives, or whatever label is easiest, there's nevertheless a fundamental problem here which goes back to what I said in the very beginning.

What it amounts to is this-- you folks who believe things are nicely on track are directly putting your lives and your futures in the hands of pro-Trump talking points and similar POV's. In other words, you've gotten yourself to a point where you're disregarding what the best experts across subject after subject are actually saying, and choosing something else, instead.

I just hope you remember that one day in the near future.

Now maybe I'm just being a dramatic, lib-tard alarmist, and everything will go just swell for America, and The Donald will go down in history as a perfectly effective prez, and most of the best professionals and experts will turn out to be quite mistaken in their assessments.

And if that's the case, and reality proves to work much differently than I thought, then I'm willing to learn the hows and whys, and admit that I was all wrong. I guarantee you this, tho-- I'd be confused as hell for years afterwards. Hopefully some kind soul will pray for me.
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