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It appears from the looks of this thread some people here are gonna be hella pissed off in 2020 when Trump gets re-elected in a Reagan like landslide.

Trump the person was always a dipshit.
Trump the President is getting shit done.

To date, there's no bodies stacked in the street, old people aren't dying in massive numbers, the planet is still turning, the sky isn't falling, water isn't polluted, nuclear war is no closer, puppies and babies are not, repeat ARE NOT, being fed into a wood chipper ... the left behaving in this fashion is what is driving away their base.

I have never been for one side or the other, but the sheer madness of the left is destroying it's own party.

Do any of the pro left, pro Hillary guys here really want socialism like Cortez is spouting ??
This is the natural progression your party is currently undertaking.

If you want to save your party, or as LVC says, America, leave all this hysterical shit behind and get together a platform America will back.
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