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Originally Posted by Coil_Smoke View Post
It saddens me that some people are totally dominated and manipulated by the Main Scheme Media...

...Please watch C-SPAN for raw unfiltered information...

...I started relying on non-commercial C-SPAN over 35 years ago...
...When I speak of C-Span I am not referring to the controllers of Washington Journal or other productions. I go there online, on the TV channels for C-SPAN1, C-SPAN2, C-SPAN3 or...
Originally Posted by Ike Savage View Post
my approach is more or less-- try to take in the widest reasonable gamut of news sources so as to compare and contrast stories and events.
I finally got Cable TV in December, having missed five consecutive L.A. Dodgers' division titles, trips to the playoffs, and the 2017 World Series (which they almost won, running out of offense in Game 7), due to their regular-season coverage being on Charter Communications / Time-Warner ('Spectrum') and their post-season being on Fox, who had stopped broadcasting over-the-air (free) unless the User had a Provider. But, enough about baseball.....

Exposed to news channels for the first time in years, I found C-SPAN to be a snooze-fest, CNN was a bunch of whining kindergartners (tax cuts are BAD?) and Fox News, while almost as bad, at least let you HEAR about the day's issues and events while CNN suppressed whatever they could and re-spun the rest.

Regarding the Candidates; I've never been to Arkansas, and paid no attention when Whitewater was a major topic, but noticed a few opinions about Willy Jeff being in charge of our Military; when voting for Ross Perot in '92 turned fruitless, I reverted to blissful ignorance.

Sometime later came a new show called Survivor; I taped and watched the first show, taped and flipped through the second, decided it wasn't for me (especially when they rigged it for the Fat Naked (guy) to win the Million bucks) and I haven't watched a Reality Show since --- not even The Apprentice. My favorite coverage of The Donald was with David Letterman, who always called attention to The Thing On Donald Trump's Head! In fact, that could work now...

Have to admit, though; the guy's done his homework and means business. Now, if we can get Shumer and Pelosi to elope (they can get a duplex with Strzok and Page).....

Let's see.....what's that Russian doing with 20% of our Uranium, and with whose help?!

Hillary's taken anywhere from $240M to over $300M (depending upon who you believe) from BIG PHARMA and is going to curtail their price increases? Ri-i-i-i-ight!

So many talking points, and so little time.....I'll vacate now, so I don't poss anyone iff.

Hey, Ike; look what I came across;
Originally Posted by GSGregg View Post
Are you referring to your "As you know, I'm a big fan of the govt" thread from Feb, 1915?
I'll bet you don't feel that old...
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