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Next update has been done.
I've added 5 more Tech Charts for Centaur, Elektra, Fathom, Medusa and
one special Tech Chart is for Dr. Dude in WPC version.
Together with owner Scott and PinMame I've sorted out the right connections.
Three more coil wrappers are added.
Gottlieb Liberty Belle, Playmatic Mad Race, Williams Spaceship are done on request.
Williams Big Ben has a full set of score cards added.
Carny Priest has also been busy with the Stern cards for Ghostbusters, Mustang, Whoa Nellie! Big juicy Melons.
He has also made a card set for Sega Star Wars Trilogy with the new Skill Shot.
I hope you all like the files I've added.
If you need some card set and you can't find it, just ask me.

If you like my work, please send me a donation via PayPal.

31 march 2018 changes
New made or updated card files:
Bally Centaur Tech Chart added
Bally Centaur II Tech Chart corrected
Bally Dr. Dude Tech Chart corrected
Bally Dr. Dude WCP version Tech Chart added
Bally Elektra Tech Chart added
Bally Fathom Tech Chart added
Bally Medusa Tech Chart added
Bally Spectrum Tech Chart corrected
Bally Vector Tech Chart corrected
Bally coil wrapper G-31 1600 added
Bally coil wrapper G-32 2500 added
Williams coil wrapper AE-26-1400 added
Gottlieb Liberty Belle zip file added
Hankin The Empire Strikes Back pdf file added
Playmatic Mad Race zip file added
Sega Star Wars Trilogy Skill Shot version file added
Stern Ghostbusters Spanish card added to pdf file
Stern Mustang pdf file added
Stern Whoa Nellie! Big Juicy Melons pdf file added
Williams Big Ben cards added to zip file
Williams Rocket zip file added
Williams Spaceship zip file added
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