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Shooby Doo will become famous soon enough

I have a lot of hobbies like pinball and playing harmonica because when I do them, I'm focused on them and don't think about anything else, like problems and politics.

I also have mostly been avoiding news and politics and gossip, only visiting websites that don't focus on those things. I spend a lot of time reading fiction and watching movies, playing music, creating art. And life is good... when you don't think about Trump, he (and anyone else you never think about) doesn't exist in your life.

You could say that I'm being ignorant of very important things that are shaping the world, not taking a stand for anything and being a lazy non-caring American.

Oh well, I'm gonna go write a poem about blue skies, or maybe about things burning to the ground. It's nice having a choice.

I'll Haiku it:

"Poems of blue skies
or things burning to the ground
The choice is all mine"

(I'm really just killing time at work right now, waiting for lunch)

"When will lunch be here
Hopefully it won't be long
I sure am hungry"
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