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Originally Posted by ruby651 View Post
...Pinball Arcade is an example of another problem endemic with many companies... ones who don't understand the technology they're trying to work with. It seems that PA created a business model and then tried to build a company around it, which led to a lot of failures. Tables that were unplayable in multiplayer mode went unpatched for over a year. They completely dropped the (pin)ball on uploading games to Xbox, so that 360 users got the original four tables and then nothing else, because the company had no idea on how to upload onto the marketplace. And, yes, physics seem to be a bugaboo. Unlike Zen, the physics on PA tables seem to differ from game to game, with one theme that almost unifies them all... they play waaayyyy too fast. Of all the companies that I feel have let me down as a consumer, theirs is the one I almost feel sorry for. I'm sure that deep water looked very inviting when they jumped in. And all they would have had to do to keep from drowning is just a little preplanning with a run by the inner tube store. I know I always stop by Tubes R Us before I go swimming. For a true critique of PA's physics, I think we'll have to wait 'til Shocky downloads their latest offering, Phantom of the Opera. That's the guy who can tell us what's wrong with it!
Now go watch The Rebel Set!
not sure i understand how the bolded manifests with the specific examples you're giving, but i guess i can dig the general drift. i do think the video on their own homepage explains exactly why the physics differ, game to game. like, that's the one dude's 9-to-5!

all i know is that barring the occasional jedi or whatnot, nobody is yet able to come up with williams-quality tables, and 15 years later (or whatever) nobody is able to come up with pro-pinball level physics. yes, technology races ahead on all fronts, but not those two fronts... never those two. what was that backwards-superman called from the comic books...? bizarre-man or something, where the laws of nature are all random or reversed. well, shit...
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