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October update is done.
On Facebook was a request for Bally - Gatorn cards.
After a quick search I found some more card images and created the file.
Combining the information I got for Alligator (German version of Gator) I was able to create a full set of score cards.
Even the high score settings card has been added.

All the Gottlieb System-1 Tech Charts have been updated because they had a small error in them.
When I was working on the System 80B fuse labels I found a few more, so these got added too.
I've got a request for Show Boat and Pinball Pool, but I didn't have any card images.
I was able to use the cards for Pro Pool and adjust them to Play Pool.

The Jetsons card file from Spooky Pinball had some typo's in them.
I contacted Charlie Emery about this and he brought me in contact with the original creator Jon Chad.
He corrected the file and was so friendly to send me a copy too.

Carny Priest did his very best to recreate the file for Stern Black Knight and made a promo card for Jurassic Park.

All the Stern M-100 games now have a Tech Chart available in the Tech Chart section.
The next step is a Tech Chart for the M-200 games, which I'm working on right now.

Enjoy and play more pinball,
If you like my work, please send me a donation via PayPal.

30 october 2019 changes
New made or updated card files:
Bally Gator/Alligator zip file added
Gottlieb Asteroid Annie Tech Chart corrected
Gottlieb Buck Rogers Tech Chart corrected
Gottlieb Charlies Angels Tech Chart corrected
Gottlieb Cleopatra Tech Chart corrected
Gottlieb Close Encounters Tech Chart corrected
Gottlieb Count-Down Tech Chart corrected
Gottlieb Dragon Tech Chart corrected
Gottlieb Genie Tech Chart corrected
Gottlieb Hollywood Heat added fuse label to zip file
Gottlieb Hot Shots added fuse label to zip file
Gottlieb Hulk Tech Chart corrected
Gottlieb Joker Poker Tech Chart corrected
Gottlieb Out of Sight zip file corrected
Gottlieb Pinball Pool Tech Chart corrected
Gottlieb Play Pool zip file added
Gottlieb Roller Disco Tech Chart corrected
Gottlieb Show Boat zip file added
Gottlieb Sinbad Tech Chart corrected
Gottlieb Solar Ride Tech Chart corrected
Gottlieb System 80 fuse label added label to zip file
Gottlieb System 80B fuse label added label to zip file
Gottlieb Torch Tech Chart corrected
Gottlieb Totem Tech Chart corrected
Spooky Pinball The Jetsons pdf file updated
Stern Black Knight pdf file added (special thanks to Carny Priest)
Stern Cosmic Princess Tech Chart added
Stern Dracula Tech Chart added
Stern Hot Hand Tech Chart added
Stern Jurassic Park Promo pdf file added (special thanks to Carny Priest)
Stern Lectronamo Tech Chart added
Stern Magic Tech Chart added
Stern Memory Lane Tech Chart added
Stern Nugent Tech Chart added
Stern Orbitor 1 solenoid and switch identification chart zip file added
Stern Orbitor 1 switch assignments chart zip file added
Stern Pinball Tech Chart corrected
Stern Stars Tech Chart added
Stern Stingray Tech Chart added
Stern Trident Tech Chart added
Stern Wild Fyre Tech Chart added
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