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Another update has been done.
I've added 3 more sections, Allied Leisure, Segasa and Sonic.
The files which were in the various section have been placed in their own section.
It was brought to my attention that there was an error in an Attack for Mars Tech Chart.
I went through all WPC-95 files and found there were more Tech Charts affected with this copy/paste error.
I've corrected them all.
Carny_Priest was kind enough to send me some more files.
One is Capcom Flipper Football, so now all the Capcom games are accounted for.
The other files are for Stern Aerosmith, Iron Maiden and The Rolling Stones.
Those files received some better graphics.
Playmatic Meg Aaton has been updated with some Spanish cards.
Most of the Sonic files have been revised, upgraded and put in their own section.
Williams Reserve also had a big update as I received a file with a lot of scanned cards.
Thank you to all who contributed and a very big thank you to all who have donated!

Enjoy Pinball,
If you like my work, please send me a donation via PayPal.

31 august 2019 changes
New made or updated card files:

Allied Leisure section added
Bally Attack From Mars Tech Chart corrected
Bally Scared Stiff Tech Chart corrected
Capcom Flipper Football pdf file added (special thanks to Carny Priest)
Gottlieb Grand Slam 1953 zip file added
Gottlieb Score Cards listing updated
Gottlieb Sing Along cards added to zip file
Playmatic Meg_Aaton Spanish cards added to zip file
Segasa section added
Segasa Cannes zip file added
Segasa Monaco zip file corrected
Sonic section added
Sonic Mars Trek zip file corrected
Sonic Night Fever zip file added
Sonic Prospector zip file corrected
Sonic score insert strips zip file added
Sonic Super Straight zip file corrected
Stern Aerosmith pdf file updated (special thanks to Carny Priest)
Stern Iron Maiden pdf file updated (special thanks to Carny Priest)
Stern Orbitor 1 Self Test and Coin Settings zip file added
Stern The Rolling Stones pdf file updated (special thanks to Carny Priest)
Williams Congo Tech Chart corrected
Williams Hit and Run zip file added
Williams Junk Yard Tech Chart corrected
Williams Medieval Madness Tech Chart corrected
Williams Monster Bash Tech Chart corrected
Williams No Good Gofers Tech Chart corrected
Williams Reserve cards added to zip file
Williams SCS insert (coin/plays) zip file added
Williams STD-5A Playboard Cleaning zip file added
Williams Tales of the Arabian Nights Tech Chart corrected
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